Who are the crips and bloods?

The Bloods & Crips are two different rival gangs that both started in Los Angeles, Cali. The Crips started in the 1960's & the Bloods started in the 1970's. Crips wear the color blue to identify themselves & Bloods wear the color red to identify themselves. The Crips are not apart of the Folk Nation neither are the Bloods apart of the People Nation.crips can kill fo7knation but often igd bgd gd (main fo7knation sets)prefer too work with crip,thats why both say 6 popin 5 droping bc they both claim 6,blood latin kings vicelords claim 5.fo7k is black flagg but any 6 can wear it depending on set claim normally fo7k is a gang more of a mafia like set up,but they still bang.blood normally wears too the left unless its killer blood they bang too the right,basicly blood crip and folk normally too busy too mess with eachother,but it matters where u are since every town in the u.s. has 2 of the 3, 6 up.