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Who are the current leaders of the government in the United Kingdom?

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As of December 2009:

The Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II, although she has little to no power in Parliament.

The Prime Minister is Gordon Brown, leader of the Labour Party. He has been Prime Minister since the 27th of June 2007.

The other leaders of major parties are David Cameron (Conservative) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats), but they are not in power.

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Do government leaders follow the rule of law in united kingdom?

They're supposed to......

Who are the current leaders of the government in England?

The is no leader of a government in England as it is part of the United Kingdom(UK). The leader of the UK Government is the Rt Hon David Cameron MP Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party.

Head of the government in the united kingdom?

The head of government in the United Kingdom is the Prime Minister.

Head of government in the United Kingdom?

The Head of Government of United Kingdom today is James Gordon Brown ever since 27 June 2007. The current Prime Minister is a person called David Cameron (2010).

Who are the leaders in the United Kingdom?

the Prime Minister, and the Queen

The government of the United states is a blank citizens vote for their leaders?

The government of the United States is a democracy because citizens vote for their leaders.

Leaders of United Kingdom?

The Head of state is HM Queen Elizabeth II The Head of government is Rt Hon David Cameron MP

Who is the authority of the United Kingdom?

Her Majesty's Government (HMG), commonly referred to as the British government, is the central government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

What type of government does untied kingdom have?

I am quite confused with the question. If it's United Kingdom then the government is Her Majestry's Government.

Who is the current prsident of United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is a monarchy as the name suggest, long may it remain so.Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the current reigning monarch and head of state. Gordon Brown is currently Prime Minister and head of government.US presidents however are both head of state and head of government.

What form of government does United Kingdom have?

The United Kingdom has a parliamentary system of government. They also have a monarchy but it does not have as much power in day to day governing.

How was the postwar government of the United Kingdom different from that of East Germany?

The United Kingdom, a NATO country, had a democratic government. East Germany, a member of the Warsaw Pact, had a communist government.

What countries use aristocracy today?

Many countries are aristocracies, meaning the leaders are of royal descent. Some current aristocracies include Spain, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

What kind of government does united kingdom have?

A democracy

When did the present government begin?

in united kingdom

Does the United Kingdom have a oligarchy government?

you are stupidno

Why is England not recognised as an individual country when it has its own government and football team etc?

England does not in fact have its own government. Its legislature is the United Kingdom parliament and its government is that of the United Kingdom.

Who is the current English poet Laureate?

Carol Ann Duffy is the current Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom also has a Poet Laureate of children's poetry.

Form of government of england?

England is part of the United Kingdom. The government of the United Kingdom is a constitutional Monarchy. The laws are made by a democratically elected parliament.

What is the United Kingdom's type of government?

The United Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy.

Who were the leaders of the major allied powers during ww2?

Soviet Union, United States, & United Kingdom

What are three examples of government?

Government of the United KingdomFederal government of the United StatesNorthern Ireland Excutive (devolved)

What is the current inflation rate of London?

The current inflation rate of the United Kingdom is 3.2%.

Who is the current leader of the united kingdom of great Britain?

David Cameron is the current leader

Which government did James Bond spy for?

United Kingdom