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current cubs playersthere are alot of players on the cubs but i can only name a few. there is carlos zambrano (pitcher), jaun Pierre, derek lee( first base),phill nevin( second base), alfonso soriano(out field),aramis rameriz(third base)Ryan dempster( pitcher), MAT MUrton( out field), Henry blanco( catcher), jerome Williams(picher),joc Jones (out field), Sean marshell(pitcher), john mabry(out field),rich hill(pitcher). the new manager is Lou penella.
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Who is the current manager of the Chicago Cubs?

Dale Sveum is the current Chicago Cubs manager.

When was Chicago Cubs minor league players born?

Chicago Cubs minor league players was born on 1985-05-15.

When did the Chicago cubs get their name?

In 1902, the Chicago Cubs got their current name.

Who is the current captain of the Chicago Cubs?

The 2010 Chicago Cubs Team Captain is Derrek Lee.

Where are the Chicago Cubs players staying in Miami?


Is Lou Piniella the current manager of the Chicago Cubs?

No. Mike Quade is the current Chicago Cubs manager. Lou Piniella retired on August 22, 2010.

Who are the 3 shortest Chicago Cubs players?

The shortest players are Fontenot, Fukudome, and Theriot.

Chicago Cubs current manager?

The current manager for the Chicago Cubs is Rick Renteria. He played 5 seasons in the major league for 3 teams. Before managing the Cubs, he was the bench coach for the San Diego Padres.

Is current Chicago Cubs pitcher Justin Berg Jewish?

no he is not

Chicago Cubs trade rumors?

See Towel Drills: A Chicago Cubs Blog to stay current on all the latest Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors:

Chicago Cubs players that wore Number 33?

ward is number 33

Who wears 12 in MLB?

Players that wear number 12 are players like Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs.

What is the current schedule for the Chicago Clubs?

The current schedule for the Chicago Clubs namely the Chicago Cubs can be found on their website - Chicago (dot) cubs (dot) mlb (dot) com. They have a downloadable schedule, a sortable schedule, a regular season schedule and also a printable calendar for your convenience.

How many players are on the Chicago Cubs?

Every team has a 25 man active roster.

Is there any correlation between the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears team names since they are both Bears?

Yes. When the Decatur Staleys of the NFL moved to Chicago in 1921, they played their home games at Cubs Park (now known as Wrigley Field). George Halas renamed the team to Bears in 1922 as a tribute to the Cubs. Legend has it his reason for choosing Bears as the new nickname was that if baseball players were Cubs, since football players were larger, football players were Bears.

Who were all the Chicago Cubs players that wore number 99?

George Lucas was the only one.

Does anyone know of or have a list of vehicles the Chicago Cubs have owned or used?

There is no official list of vehicles the Chicago Cubs players have owned or used. Kerry Woods has a black Range Rover in 2013.

What is the Chicago Cubs song called?

the Chicago cubs song. GO CHICAGO!

What are some players on the Chicago Cubs?

Alfonso Soriano Marlon Byrd Aramis Ramirez Carlos marmol

What famous baseball players wore number 26?

billy Williams Hall of famer from the Chicago cubs

Who is better the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?


Is the C on the Chicago Cubs hat for Chicago or Cubs?


When was Chicago Cubs created?

Chicago Cubs was created in 1870.

Where were Chicago Cubs founded?

The Cubs were founded in Chicago and have always been a Chicago team.

Who are current Jewish players on Chicago Bears?

gave Carimi, Adam podelesh

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