Who are the database users?

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The data base are not people but people make the data base like Steve jobs is a data base maker

What is a database?

The database is a collection of data on which we can performoperations such as: 1. Storing data (Save) 2. Manipulating data (Update, Delete, insert, sort) 3. Retrieve data (Whenever necessary, we can see the data in aparticular table form, or use selected data, as in a computerprogram) Typically a ( Full Answer )

What is in a database?

A database stores data. So at the simplest, data is in a database.A database is more than that though. It has a structure to storethe data. You need to define fields, which are the headings for thedata, like date of birth or phone number. So fields are in adatabase. A full set of data about one indi ( Full Answer )

What does a database do?

A database is a collection of tables in which large quantities of data (information) can be stored. The question and answer you are looking at right now are both stored in a database, for example. Databases are used by applications (like websites) to store and retrieve data.

Why is there databases?

Databases are able to store large quantities of information in a structured way. And the make it possible to retrieve that information in a structured and predictable way.

Can you get user passwords from the AD database?

Can I get user passwords from the AD database? A: The passwords in AD are not stored encrypted by default, so they cannot be decrypted. They are hashed. The only way to recover the data from a hash is with some sort of a hacking algorithm that attempts to crack the hash (such tools exist).

How can you forcibly remove AD from a server and what do you do later Can I get user passwords from the AD database?

Demote the server using dcpromo /forceremoval, then remove the metadata from Active directory using ndtsutil. There is no way to get user passwords from AD that I am aware of, but you should still be able to change them. Another way out too Restart the DC is DSRM mode a. Locate the following regist ( Full Answer )

The relationships between users database applications DBMS and database?

The relationships between database applications DBMS and databases is as follows: Databases can be simple or complex. simple databases can be kept in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or they can be maintained in a user generated Microsoft Access database which can be programmed to query certain data th ( Full Answer )

When is database not a database?

a database is information storing system where you can store information organized. you can make table for different categories and different topic. you also can relate different type of data each other by using some unique key. ( www.databizsofware.com ) Now a days every database are based on relat ( Full Answer )

When is a database is not a database?

the place where we can store the data permanent is called data base.................. the place where we can't store the data permanent is called not data base a data base is a place for storing data - in particular lines of data that you want to keep together. A telephone directory is an examp ( Full Answer )

What is is database?

A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. In one view, databases can be classified according to types of content: bibliographic, full-text, numeric, and images. A database management system is a suite of software applications ( Full Answer )

What is a group of networked computers that share a centralized directory database of user account information and security for the entire group of computers?

It depends on your setup. If this all of the computers are networked in a workgroup environment, then you need to have a locally stored profile on each computer that redirects to the master fileserver. The SAM will be the database in this case If you have a domain environment, then just join all ( Full Answer )

Define various types of database users?

There are following types of users: § Database Administrators § Security Officers § Network Administrators § Application Developers § Application Administrators § Database Users

List the different types of database user and explain?

4 Types of Database Users . Users are differentiated by the way they expect to interact with the system:. · Application programmers - interact with system through DML calls.. · Sophisticated users - form requests in a database query language.. · Specialized users - write specialized ( Full Answer )

What the database can do?

Without being overly technical, a data base is a computer file that contains important information that is organized for fast retrieval of said information.. Example 1 : In a public library, the books are stored and organized in a manner that will allow someone to find a particular book ( Full Answer )

What is the example of single user database?

single-user database supports only one user at a time. In otherwords, if user A is using the database, users B and C must waituntil user A is done. A single-user database that runs on apersonal computer is called a desktop database.

What does database software allow users to do?

Database software allows people to store new files in a databaseand swiftly edit some of the files. The files can be edited andother related files will pick up the new changes to the wholesystem.

What is a user database?

A user database is a system that more than 1 person can access andgain information from. Multiple users can input and store data inthese database systems.

What can you do with a database?

you can play with it, you can store all your valuable information in it ;) and lots of other fun stuff that you can do with database ;) LOVE YOU

What can you do in database?

A database is a storage for storing information. You can store data or information in it. and when you need it you can retrieve the information from the database.

What are users and actors of database system?

they are people who interact with a database system in different ways and they are as follow 1- end users 2-database designers 3- database administrators 4- application programmers

How would you import user names and passwords from a UNIX database to windows server 2003?

You can export the user names easily from a Unix password file - it is stored in the /etc/passwd file. The passwords are a different matter because they are hashed and cannot be imported into any other system to be useable. After you export the user names from the passwd file, use the 'dsadd' com ( Full Answer )

What can a database do?

A database can perform four core operations, known as CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete). Create is the ability to insert information into the database. Read is the ability to retrieve stored data, possibly transforming it during this process. Update refers to the ability to store newer informa ( Full Answer )

What tool can you use to create user accounts and populate the Active Directory database?

, there is a plenty of options available. 1. Active Directory Users and Computers (from Administrative Tools) 2. dsadd user - command line tool (see the dsadd user help in command line window) 3. CSVDE.EXE - command line tool to import/create the users using CSV file 4. LDIFDE.EXE - comma ( Full Answer )

What problems can occur when a database is processed by more than one user?

Blocking happens when one connection from an application holds a lock and a second connection requires a conflicting lock type. This forces the second connection to wait, blocked on the first. One connection can block another connection, regardless of whether they emanate from the same application o ( Full Answer )

What is the most user friendly database software?

Finding database software that is user-friendly is critical to the success of any project. Some of the more popular and easy-to-learn software products are FileMaker, Intuit QuickBase, and Microsoft Access.

What allows concurrent access by multiple users in a database?

Primarily it's based on rules about when changes to data are posted in a transaction and read by other users, which are part of the record-locking features of the DBMS. Some DBMS's manage this with undo and redo logs, which support snapshotting the data before the updates were started, so that other ( Full Answer )

Do The DBMS reveal much of the databases internal complexity to the application programs and users?

From Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management 10th Ed - Coronel / Morris / Rob - 1.3.1 Role and Advantages of the DBMS: The DBMS serves as the intermediary between the user and the database. The database structure itself is stored as a collection of files, and the only way to acce ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a database?

You can get many free database applications, like Open Office Base.You may already have an application to create databases, likeMicrosoft Access. Once you have such an application, you can thencreate your own databases. If you are looking to get an actualdatabase with data in it, then it would depen ( Full Answer )

Who is the most important user of a database?

Short answer, from a DBA's point of view - Each person who logsinto the database. A DB system is there to provide data to the enduser. If users can't get their data the database is useless."Important", in this case, is an extremely subjective term.

Why do you have databases?

We have database to store data in to it. We prefer to have database over FPS because they handle the data efficiently.

What does a recruiting database software offer for its users?

Recruitment software does improve the recruiting process of a company easily and efficiently. Some benefits of recruiting software include time savings, increased productivity, and automated recruiting queries based on adjustable criteria.

What is a user name in a database?

It can refer to someone who can use the database. There may besecurity on it, meaning they have to log on to use it or do somethings with it. They would be given an account, and as part of thatthey would have a user name an a password.

What is multi-user of databases?

There are several types of databases- such as "relational" (Oracle for example). Multi-user database is a database that contains (normally) several "tables" where each table has rows and columns, and where these rows and columns intersect is a "data element". Multi user databases support several con ( Full Answer )

What is databased?

It is "database" not "databased". And a database is the collection of records that are linked.

What is a database from?

Database is a widely used approach used today . It is used in every field today like banks, schools, hospitals, railways etc. A database basically contains data that is related to each other and make sense.

Which database is closest to the user?

sql server database is more reliable and user friendly and easy tohandle. As a member of hosting provider of mywindowshosting.com Iused this database for my project since one year.

What do you do with a database?

A database is a program in which to store information. Suchinformation can be sorted and manipulated to create reports, andaid an advertising mail-merge, and so on.