Who are the enemies of Azerbaijan?

Biased Propaganda: Main enemy is themselves or radical Islam! The History of much of Azerbaijan lands was originally Armenian lands and the Azeri's are Muslim Turks and as in any Muslim country they always push their agenda, to convert to Islam or be beheaded and or heavily punished thru barbaric Islamic acts and also not that is that many ISIS train and come from Azerbaijan etc.. Armenia is a Christian nation with a very constant pressure from the radical Islamic Azerbaijan and it's Islamic terrorist actions.

Actual Answer: Azerbaijan retains good or neutral relations with a majority of the world, even Israel (Which supplies them with arms). Azerbaijan's main enemy is Armenia, due to the contested Nagorno-Karabakh territory located within Azerbaijan (Armenia claims that it is an independent republic, while Azerbaijan claims it as it's own territory). France and Iran are sometimes considered enemies by the local population in Baku, but the government maintains stable neutral relations with both. There are some disputes with Iran over oil, but no territorial disputes.