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Who are the important people in the French Revolution?

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The important people that were in involved in the French Revolution were King Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette....

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What was important in the french revolution?

revolution was the important one ;) :p

Why was the French Revolution so important to history?

Without the French Revolution, people would not have the rights they do today. The French Revolution was all about every person having equal rights, regardless of how much money they have and so on. In the past, kings and royal people had more rights than most the people. The French Revolution changed that.

Who were the important people who died in French Revolution?

Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Robespierre,

What was the similariteis between the French revolution and the American Revolution?

The American revolution was one of the lessons for the French revolution and had an important impact on the French Declaratio of the rights of man and the citizen

Did people have rights during the french revolution?

Yes, people did have rights during the french revolution.

Why do the French celebrate the French revolution?

The French Revolution is very important because before July 14th 1789, it was a monarchy, with a king, and after it became the democracy. French people celebrate this day as Americans celebrate the Independence Day.

What were the most important causes of the French Revolution?

What was French foreign assistance needed and why was it important?

Why was the Bastille an important political symbol for the people of France before the French Revolution?

because it was a fortress

Why was American War of Independence important to French Revolution?

The American War of independence was important to the French Revolution because the Americans would not have won without the help of the French.

Why was robespierre important to the French revolution?

Why was Maximilan robespierre important to the french revolution?Read more: Why_was_Maximilan_robespierre_important_to_the_french_revolution

Why was napoleon important for France?

french revolution

What were two important reforms during the french revolution?

Two important reforms of the French revolution were, the abolition of the hereditary aristocracy, and the introduction of the metric system.

How did the french revolution cause nationalism?

The French Revolution brought together the people as a nation

Why Should people remember the french revolution?

Cause a dildo was made in the french revolution

What is the french revolution with Britain and France?

Britain was not involved in the French Revolution. The common people overthrew the French aristocrats.

How many people were executed during the French Revolution?

During the French Revolution, between 18,000 and 40,000 people were excuted.

What other revolution influenced the French people desire for freedom and equality?

The American Revolution provided inspiration for the French Revolution.

What effect did the French Revolution have on France and the World?

the french revolution changed the law of by which the people lived.

What is French revolution about?

french revolution is a group of people who fought on economic crisis on freedom and equality

What did the American Revolution impact the French revolution?

the french people found out that a king could be overthrown.

How did agricultural revolution have to do with the french revolution?

The agricultural revolution has nothing to do with the french revolution . the agricultural revolution is about the problems in the countryside with food to grow thing and all the rich people had no need to grow food and the french revolution is the economic revolution

Who were three major people involved in the French Revolution?

There were an awfull lot of people involved in the French Revolution, but to name 4 of the most important figures: - King Louis XVI - Queen Marie Antoinette - Maximilian Robespierre - Napoleon Bonaparte

Why are the storming of the Bastille important?

It was the start of the French Revolution .

Who were the Jacobins and what did they do?

they were people from the french revolution

What are some differences between the french revolution and the Industrial Revolution?

French revolution is when the french over threw the monarchy and became a democracy's French revolution was a shooting war where people died and the french government was changed from a king to an elected government. The french revolution killed people. Industrial revolution was a worldwide event where people suddenly created and found new uses for machines. The Industrial revolution is a term to describe the historical movement of people gradually using machines more and more to do most of manual labor that used to be done by animals or people. In industrial revolution they created big machines that could do the work of 100s of people.