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Who are the law makers of los angeles local government?


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Much like other municipalities, Los Angeles is governed by an assortment of politicians and lawyers. Antonio Villaigosa is the current mayor of the city, which does not use a city manager for government.


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When a local (municipal) government passes a law it is usually called an ordinance.

Municipalities.There are 3 levels of law makers:FederalState/ProvincialMunicipal

The local government ensures that local citizens behave. The local government also enforces laws. Those who break the law are punished accordingly.

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Bye-laws are local laws made by the local authority, public nand nationalized bodies. These delegated law makers do not have full freedon as all bye-laws have to be approved by the relevant area of the central government

a law is passed by the government when the people who work for the government and are rule makers work together and have to have an agreement to turn the bill into a law. then the president has to make an approval for it to be turned into a law. then when everyone thinks its a good idea, then its turned into a law :)

In a democracy law makers are referred to as legislators.

in a way from our fear from the law.

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It depends on your state, check with your local state law makers.

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There are many reputable bankruptcy law firms in Los Angeles. For a listing of these law firms and the attorneys who work for them see the local yellow page listings for this area.

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The executive branch of government has the power to apply law and put it into place. In the local branches of government, a magistrate has this power.

The federal government can make state and local governments obey federal laws by taking state and local government officials to federal court and suing them. If the court agrees with the federal government, the state or local government can be fined and ordered to follow the federal law. If the state or local officials still refuse to follow the federal law they can be put in jail.

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