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Who are the members of the band Chyld?

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October 31, 2011 8:55AM

The Members of the Mid 80's Band Chyld that Appeared on New renaissance record . Were John Joseph (John J Lutsky) Vocals & lead Guitar. Bib Haslam (RObert Haslam) Bass Guitar . REZ Stephen Reznick Lead and Backing Guitar , Joey D Lee (Joe Donato) Drums for live Shows . Mike Radka Drums on conception Album . The Band is Currently Still Performing and Recording Under the Name Second Chyld On Max perception records, And Concists of John Joseph vocals & guitar Bib Haslam Bass Guitar Dan Maidenford Guitar also John Joseph Jr on Guitar . The Band performs With various drummers since the Loss of their Drummer Carmon Soretti Just as the 2001 Over Due ep Was Released .. John Joseph SR Does all percussions in the Studio Since then ..