Who are the members of the band Sugerbabes?

hello i know allot about the old sugababes and that's because mutya buena is my sister in law

OK it started of with mutya well should i say Rosa she wanted to be a singer, so her dad put her into singing classes in school .

then mutya buena/Rosa Isabella buena got into a singing audition that her dad put her in for,for an after school activity so then mutya went over to her close mate Keisha and told her about the good news Keisha then wanted to join so then mutya aged 12 told her dad if her friend could go to, anyway Keisha got in it and then they they went auditioning but there was a member who wanted to join who was there at the very beginning and did not have a strong voice so they chose mutya to sing and make the voice stronger together with Keisha

they were nice to each other and they were so suite...

then the mangers said you are in it you will end up on TV

the scramming girls were so excited and also the people in charge said you need to find yours self a band name they were thinking about it until somebody witch was mutya buena mum said come on suga babe we need to go now mutya thought it was a good idea they said sugababes yes that was the group es name and kept ed it until today Saturday 2010