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Since 2002, there are 15 Cabinet positions:

  1. Secretary of State
  2. Secretary of the Treasury
  3. Secretary of Defense
  4. Attorney General
  5. Secretary of the Interior
  6. Secretary of Agriculture
  7. Secretary of Commerce
  8. Secretary of Labor
  9. Secretary of Health and Human Services
  10. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  11. Secretary of Transportation
  12. Secretary of Energy
  13. Secretary of Education
  14. Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  15. Secretary of Homeland Security
  • The position of Secretary of Commerce and Labor was separated into the positions of Secretary of Commerce and Secretary of Labor in 1913.
  • The positions of Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy were merged into the position of Secretary of Defense in 1947.
  • The position of Postmaster General was abolished in 1971.
  • The position of Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare was separated into the positions of Secretary of Health and Human Services and Secretary of Education in 1980.
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Q: Who are the members of the presidents cabinet?
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Are Members of the presidents cabinet appointed by the president with the approval of the senate?

Yes- the Presidents selects his cabinet members, but the Senate can disapprove selections that it finds objectionable.

What are the names of the people who work for the presidents cabinet?

Either cabinet members, or Sec of ...

How many members in the presidents cabinet?

It's 15

What did the cabinet members provide for the presidents?

they provide the president: advise

How is the presidents cabinet selected?

Presidential Cabinet members are appointed by the president with approval of the US Senate.

How many cabinet members of Obama's administration have resigned compared to the last 5 presidents of the us?

how many cabinet members have resigned under the obama administration compared to the last five presidents

Members of the presidents cabinet after being appointed by the president are then subject to?

the Senate

Do most members of the cabinet come from the presidents political party?

Yes, as a rule.

Where do most of the members of the presidents Cabinet come from?

The cabinet are the heads of departments. People like state, national security, defense.

Were most of Kennedy's cabinet members younger than those of other presidents?


What is the body of members who help manage all the departments of the executive branch?

the presidents cabinet

Who makes the appointments to the presidents cabinet?

The President chooses the cabinet members and his selection must be confirmed by the US Senate before they take effect.

Who becomes president if the president and vice presidet die?

The speaker of the house. Then if he or she dies the members of the presidents cabinet in order of when the cabinet position was created.

Which branch approves the presidents cabinet members?

The Senatem ,which is the upper house of the Legistlative branch, approves the president's cabinet members. The President, who is in the executive branch, makess the appointments and sends them to the Senate .

What is the length of a term in the presidents cabinet?

They serve at the pleasure of the President. He can dismiss them at any time. Cabinet members do not have term limits

What are the Members of the Presidents Cabinet subjected to after being appointed to the President?

The President's nominations for cabinet posts are vetted by the US Senate which has the power to reject them if they wish.

What Constitutional principal would not exist if members of congress could serve in the presidents cabinet?

The separation of powers.

Why does conflict exists in a presidents cabinet?

This is a leading question -- I have not read anything about conflicts in the President's cabinet. In past years, cabinet members have had disagreements for various reasons. Cabinets members used to meet more often so there was more opportunity for personality conflicts.

How many women are in President Obama's cabinet?

First, as presidents begin their second term, they often change some of their cabinet members. But as of the end of 2012, there were five female cabinet secretaries, and three female cabinet-level advisers.

Who confirms the nominations made by new presidents?

The US Senate has to confirm the important appointments, such as cabinet members and ambassadors.

In the presidential cabinet who is responsible for reporting to and advising the president?

All of the cabinet members report to the President and advise him when asked. Most presidents hold cabinet meetings to discuss current issues that face the administration.

How are cabinet members confirmed?

senate holds confirmation hearings on the presidents nominees for cabinet posts. the nominee appears before the senate that oversees the department to answer questions about his/her background and views

Who nominates the members of the cabinet?

The President nominates the members of his cabinet.

What is the job of the presidents cabinet?

the job of the cabinet to the president was to advise him.

To what degree are presidents required to use their cabinet members?

There are no restrictions on how much the President relies on his cabinet for advice or how many cabinet meeting he has to hold. He can fire them if they complain too loudly. The president does not even have to give his cabinet secretaries free rein on how they run their departments.