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This season, starting October 9th, has 4 new interesting characters:

Declan is a cunning and smooth. He's confident in his ability to take any girl away from her boyfriend.

Fiona, Declan's sister, has many secrets and has a mature, sophist personality. She has some secrets to keep.

Jenna just moved to Degrassi and is revealed to be a ruthless boyfriend stealer who has her eye on K.C.

Dave, Chantay's cousin, is trying to stop blending in and wants to start standing out, and wants to get a girlfriend.

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When will season 11 of degrassi start?

Season 11 of Degrassi will continue this fall in 2011. It will have all the same characters but some new characters.

Will the same degrassi characters be in season 8?

of course it wouldn't be degrassi then

Who is degrassi about?

the show degrassi follows a group of teens who go to the same school, degrassi high about every 2 years, some characters leave, and some new ones join. it is a show that could litterly last forever.

Is degrassi about gay people?

There are gay characters on the show Degrassi, but it is about high school or not.

How many people died in the tv show Degrassi?

As of August 17, 2013, there have been a total of 8 characters that have died in "Degrassi." The characters in question from Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, Degrassi The Next Generation as well as Degrassi are Claude Tanner, Albert Manning, Rick Murray, J.T. Yorke, Anson, Campbell Saunders, Paula and Adam Torres.

When does degrassi come back on air in 2011?

July 18th, 2011 is when Season 11 starts for Degrassi. You can watch the promos on YouTube; they introduce the new characters and drama that all the viewers are anticipating to see. New Degrassi episodes will be on every Monday through Thursday for 7 weeks after the season premiere.

Is degrassi canceled?

No, in August 14th there's a degrassi movie and in fall there's new degrassi episodes

Who are the new characters of Degrassi season 9?

One new character is named Delcan, but I don't know about the others. All I know is that he has a sister eho goes after KC

Are any of the characters from Degrassi season 10 gay in real life?


When do new episodes on Degrassi come out?

There is going to be a new season in 2012. Where theres all new drama. And a new school year for Degrassi!

What happened to degrassi?

Well, nothing happened to Degrassi. New episodes are still on.

What channel does the new degrassi come on tonight?

You can watch degrassi on Comcast 215.

Who came to the new Degrassi of 2013?

Zoe Rivas, Winston "Chewy", and his friend Miles are new on the Degrassi 2013.

What season on Degrassi does Claire come in Degrassi?

She is briefly seen and mentioned in seasons 6 and 7 but she becomes one of the main characters in season 8

How did Drake get on Degrassi?

That was long ago my friend, he started out just as an actor on degrassi, then started his music career after degrassi. Current characters 2010: Declan Fiona Eli Drew Zeke Clare, ASnya? etc

When do new 2011 episodes of degrassi start?

The new episodes of Degrassi starts on Friday, Februaury 11 at 9 eastern.

How does the Brady bunch differ from degrassi?

The Brady Bunch differs from Degrassi because the Brady Bunch always has the same main characters and they don't cover many real-life topics whereas Degrassi features a lot of different main characters and it covers a lot of real-like topics which includes controversial ones.

What Degrassi characters have MySpace accounts and what are they?

I do know that Jessica Tyler (Jenna Middleton) has a Myspace.

Does Luke bilyk have a facebook?

he does but its private he can only talk to degrassi characters and his director and manager

What is the first episode of degrassi called?

from DegrassiTNG, mother and child reunion from Degrassi junior high, Kiss me Steph from Degrassi high, new start

Who are in the new degrassi?

The characters in Degrassi the Boiling Point and Degrassi in too Deep are: Adam Torres Alli Bhandari Anya McPherson Bianca DeSouca Clare Edwards Dave Turner Declan Coyne Drew Torres Eli Goldsworthy Fiona Coyne Holly J Sinclair Jenna Middleton KC Guthrie Sav Bhandari

Who are all the degrassi characters?

There are so many actors who are in the Degrassi show, actors who are out, actors who came back, new ones, etc......So I will just give you this link and you can check it out for yourself, it's a list of ALL actors and characters that's ever been in the show, plus directors, writers and everything ;-)

Is degrassi going to be ending soon?

For a while, I thought it was since all the original characters have graduated. But, there are tons of new faces that they're bringing on to Degrassi and it would make no sense for them to bring introduce them all and then end the show after this season, so from what I see, I don't think they are. YAY!! :D The only downside is that all of the original characters have already graduated. But they still show Manny, Liberty, and Emma at college. Plus, Spinner is still on the show since he's dating Jane who still is going to Degrassi. But at least Degrassi isn't over!! AREN'T YOU GLAD??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What day is degrassi on?

degrassi the boiling point is on every weekday (not weekends) at 8. one new episode a day.

How do you watch new degrassi episodes that have not come out yet?

Go to ''www.teen ''to watch degrassi shows and more