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Team Officials are the Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Captain and up to two Primary Care Personnel who are qualified to diagnose and treat injury or illness (for example Doctor and/or Physiotherapist).


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the officials in netball are the team captain, the umpires and the coaches

The officials in netball are the umpire, time keeper, captain and coaches

The Coach, Umpire, Time keeper, Scorer. I think that is all.

In Netball their are 3 not including Coaches.

the officials are the captain- the coach- the timekeeper and the umpire

Usually the umpires of a match.

no, sometimes tv's are used to watch

officials are there to supervise the game and make sure the umpires and players are being fair, also to keep the crowd from getting overexcited. They make sure the whole game is being played by the exact rules.

Yes, Netball is a team game.

a match officials are people who take care of the play on the team like the couch

who develop the game of netball in jamaica

You can have only three substitutes in a netball game.

To see whether if there s a foul committed

Netball is predominantly a game for females, however men can play too. There are both mixed and mens leagues.

A whistle. Score board. And maybe some knowledge of netball. Whether it is a throw in E.T.C E.T.C

We have rules so game stays entertaining, for the safety of everyone and also so each team has an equal chance of winning. If there were no rules involved in a game of netball there would be no point in having officials or no point in people taking place because they could do what they like.

THey have to be aware of fouls and contact between players.

football basketball tennis netball hockey does are the sports that have official

a netball. that is it, although you could count netball posts but there is absolutaly no other equipment used in a game of netball

netball is just a game so fun but others like to see it as a game they hate

You may swap positions in a netball game during quarter time

netball keeps you fit and it is a friendly game.

A netball referee can wear different articles of clothing. Typically for women it is a polo shirt and a skirt of matching colors, which are usually white.

A game of netball is controlled by two umpires one on each side of the court.a compier

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