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Who are the parties interested in the accounting data?

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Usually the accounting department is the main department that looks at the accounting data. Depending on the size of the organization the amount of people looking at the data will vary. Of course, the IRS will be interested into the accounting data. Payroll will be interested in the date. The CEOs or top leaders will be interested in this date. Marketing will sometimes be interested in sections of the data. It all varies depending on the size and structure of the organization.

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Who are the parties interested by accounting data of business?

The parties that are interested by accounting data of business are accountants and auditors.

Why must accounting data be classified and summarized?

This is the whole purpose of accounting. Data and financial information needs to be classified, summarized, recorded, interpreted and communicated to owners, managers and other interested parties, to make sure all the bookkeeping is lined up and being sent to the right places.

What is semantic approach in theory of accounting?

Semantic approach in theory of accounting is referring to data analysis and transmission of data between two parties either independently or corporately.

Why direct and indirect users of accounting interested in the data?

to know the business performance. to consider whether to invest or not

State the person who should be interested in accounting information?

state the persons who should be interested in accounting information

What is Financial accounting data?

what is financial accounting?

How does cost accounting connect with financial accounting and management accounting?

Management accounting gathered data or information from cost accounting and financial accounting. After that, it analyzes and interprets the data to prepare reports and provide necessary information to the management.

Why would the internal parties of a business be interested in the accounting information of the business?

Internal parties of a business means the management of business, management prepare the budgets for the business, in other words we can say that management recognizes the future transaction and estimates the monitory effect of these transaction,But the management prepares the budgets, only for internal use for this purpose the management adopts a system which is called management accounting information system and that is why they are interested in Accounting Information system. Sheraz Mansoor Nawanshehr Abbottabad (

What is the flow of data in a computerized accounting information system?

what is the flow of data in a computerized accounting information system

Name the different parties interested in accounting information and explain?

The different parties include: 1 - Shareholders 2 - Management 3 - Employees 4 - Investors 5 - Creditors 6 - Government 7 - General Public 8 - Competitors

What is the meaning of external party that interested in accounting information?

When an external party is interested in accounting information they could be interested in investing in the company. They want to make sure that the company is financially secure.

What is the due process approach in setting accounting standards?

The due process approach allows any interested parties to express their view about any issue being considered by the FASB

Distinguish between cost accounting and financial accounting?

Financial accounting is the process of preparing financial statements using data and figures. Cost accounting is similar but you look for alternative ways to figure these figures and data.

What type of high school student should take accounting?

The type who is interested in accounting or business.

How accounting provide relevant data?

Accounting provides the business with data such as debt, growth of the company and the effect of added investment. Accounting data can allow the decision makers in a company to make decisions that will not endanger the financial direction of the company.

What is the accounting simplified?

Accounting Simplified is a website that aims to provide quality Financial Accounting study resources to students, professionals and others interested in learning the basics of accounting.

What are the various limitations of business accounting data?

I would like to know what the limitations of business and accounting data is? I would like to know Accounting as a language of business suffers from which serious limitations?

Methods of data collection in accounting?


What are the sources of data used in management accounting?

. Primary and Secondary data . Discrete and Continuous Data . Sample and Population Data

The meaning of accounting standards?

Accounting as a "language of business" communication the financial results of an enterprise to various interested parties by means of financial statmetns which have to exhinit a "true and fair" view of its state of affairs. Accounting standards which seek to sugest rules and criteria of accounitng measurements, have to keep the set of rules, social needs, legal requirments and technological developmetns in view. Formulation of proper accounting standards, therefore is a vital step in developing accounting as a business lanuguage.

How does accounting provide relevant data to users?

Accounting is a way to provide a systematic data about any company's statements and expenses. due to its consecutive and systematic entries it provides a relevant data. Internal users need to understand accounting data in order to measure the economic performance of businesses and to make business decisions

How is accounting data used to make business decisions?

utilize accounting data as .... basis for making business decisions ... Accounting is used to help corporations make economically useful decisions. ... that support the business functions of accounting, financing, marketing . ... The two that we deal with decisions made regarding accounting practices and . ...

how do the major political parties in the united states get citizens more interested in the political process?

By encouraging them to view members of competing parties as enemies

What has the author James A Hall written?

James A. Hall has written: 'Accounting information systems' -- subject(s): Accounting, Information storage and retrieval systems, Data processing 'Accounting information systems' -- subject(s): Information storage and retrieval systems, Data processing, Accounting

What is the difference between What is the difference between financial accounting and management accounting?

Financial accounting is used to present the performance and financial statements to third parties while management accounting is used for company's internal working purpose.