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Muhammad did, the prophet of the Muslim people.


God founded the religion of Islam. Refer to question below.

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The religion founded by Muhammad is called "Islam".

Many people believe that the religion of Islam was founded by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the land of Arabia. However, Muslims believe that all the prophet's brought the religion and message of Islam and hence there is no single one place where Islam was founded.

Muhammed ibn Abdullah ______________________________________________ God founded the religion of Islam. Refer to question below.

Islam was not founded in that country.

Muhammad the Prophet founded the religion of Islam in the 600s CE.

Muhamed was the prophet of Islam who founded the religion of Islam.

Islam was approximately founded in 611AD.

Islam is a religion, not an event or incident. Thus there was no advent of Islam. See: when was Islam founded.

It started spreading out through the world and people started performing that religion.

No. Regardless of whether you agree with Muslims that Islam is an eternal religion or Secular Historians who argue that Islam was founded by Muhammad in 7th Century Arabia, Islam was not founded in Ethiopia.

prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Allah made Islam

mohammed founded the religion of islam.

No, not the same. Islam is the religion. Muslims are the followers of Islam religion or the people who believe in Islam religion.

Islam was never founded!! Islam is the True Religion and ALLAH is The Creator OS ALL.

Muhammed religion is islam. Muhammed was the one who founded islam, the second biggest religion in the world, behind christianity. Muslims follow the teachings of muhammed, and islam.

Muslims are people who follow Islam religion. Sure, the question means when Islam was founded. well. Islam in its general sense of submission to God was founded by start of universe creation. However, per Quran God revelation to prophet Muhammad, Islam was founded in year 610 AD. refer to question below.

A major misconception amongst many people is that the religion Islam was founded by A specific person in a specific time period which is absolutely wrong.Islam was there before the creation of the world. Hazrat Adam was a Muslim and every other Prophet that came in this world was a Muslim.So Islam didn't begin in a specific time period it was there since the beginning of time. _________________________________________________ God founded the religion of Islam. Refer to question below.

Islam is not something lost to be found. I think the question is who founded or established Islam. Accordingly, Allah (or God in English) founded Islam. Refer to question below.

Islam, the religion founded by Muhammad.

A lot of people are believe in Islam religion....

Allah God Founded the Religion Of Islam Founded In Punjab What Year Um Don't really Know But 500 Years Ago

Islam was founded in the 7th century AD in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Islamic religion is God religion since start of the universe creation. First, it is useful to know what is the meaning of Islam then you can get why Islam religion is founded. Islam is an Arabic word that means full submission to God and full surrender to His will. Accordingly Islam religion in its universal sense is full submission to God (Allah in Arabic). So, it was founded by God not by human. Some open sources, mistakenly, mention that Islam religion is founded by Muhammad which is not true. God religions are founded by God and the prophets are God messengers to convey the mission to people. So, all God creatures are created by God on full submission (Islam) to Him; including mankind. All God prophets call to Islam. Islam per Torah revelation to Moses is called Judaism. Islam per Bible revelation to Jesus is called Christianity. Islam per Quran revelation to Muhammad is called the same name Islam. Refer to question below for more information.

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