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Who are the stake holders in a software system project?

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A stake holder are a person, group, organization, or system who affects or can be affected by an organization's actions. A stake holder are a person, group, organization, or system who affects or can be affected by an organization's actions.

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Who is not akey project stakeholder?

All the stake holders are very important in the project,like without sponsor there is no cost for project , with out client there is no project.,some of the people against the project that time they also stake it is impossible to differentiate the stake holder.

What is the difference between stake holders and stoke holders?

stake holders is all people have interest in the entity

What are the stake holders?

stake holders are the share holders in a publicly listed company, or those who have a financial stake in the success of a company; these could be employees, associated business to business clients, and of course the owners

Who are walmart internal and external stakeholders?

Walmart's internal stake (stock) holders are the board of directors. External stake (stock) holders are individuals that purchase Walmart stock.

When is the amount at stake the highest in project risk management?

amount at stake

Stakeholders of the American Heart Association?

who are the stake holders for the American heart association>

What is the social responsibilities of a firm to stakeholder groups?

Transparent and commitment to the stake holders

Three factors that would cause to continue doing business traditional?

meeting your share holders be able to communicate with their stake holders personally

Why is it important to identify all project stakeholders at the beginning of a project?

stake holders who directly or indirectly influence the project it may be negative or positive... customer-without identify the customer there is no use(customer satisfaction= success).without spojnsor there is no cost for budget. -money -customer and consumer -sponsor -worker and etc,.

What are problems facing agriculture in Uganda?

Corruption among the extension workers and stake holders.

Would stockholders also be considered stakeholders?

Yes. They are the investors and prime stake holders.

Who were the stakeholders of the Boston tea party?

One of the stake holders in the Boston Tea Party were the patriots and another stake holder in the Boston Tea Party were the loyalists.

What is stake holders?

Is any group or individual who has an interest in or is affected by the activities of a business. It can be internally or externally.

Settlement on case Microsoft industry predator or fierce competitor?

stake holders of microsoft and there stakes

What is the role of costing executive in an organization?

The role of a cost executive or manager in an organization are: Estimates the projection cost during the project life cycle, Controls the activities of project and align them with the cost strategies, Manages the communication with people involved in the project to ensure that they are following the initial cost plans. Prepare cost reports for external stake holders.

Who are the stakeholders of Nike?

the stake holders of nike are people who take interset in the company and who are effected by the companies decisions

Can legal order take money from a joint account?

Yes. The holders of the joint account are equal stake holders in the account and a legal order to receive payment from one of the account holders is enough to withdraw/take funds from a joint account.

What are the benefits of privatization to stake holders in the economy of Zimbabwe?

stakeholders are people with direct interest with the activities of a busness such as the community

Which major software company bought a stake in facebook in 2007?


Who are the internal stake holders in an organization?

These could be:1. All the employees2. CEO's3. President/Directors4. Owner

Who are the users of Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Account?

stakeholders like # Investors # Share holders # Bord of directors # lenders # banks # And different Stake Holders Are the users of the B/S, P & L accounts

What is the difference between Retained earning and Dividends?

Retained earning means: Not distributing profits to stake holders and keeping the profits of a company for the use of the business entity either for working capital or for new projects etc., Dividends means: Distribution of profits earned by a company to the stakeholders ( loosing funds earned as profits to stake holders )

What is a civil law system?

The Civil Law system is available for citizens to recover damages from other citizens that wronged them. Only money is at stake where freedom is at stake in criminal court.

Who were the major stake holders of the vietnam war?

The warring parties were North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The major stakeholders were Japan, France, Vietnam and the United States.

What are the Stake holders in the tourism?

The stakeholders in tourism includes the government of the day, the local communities, and the hoteliers. The tourists, foreign consulates, and the investors in the industry are the other shareholders in tourism.