Who are the top ten popes?

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Ten most influencial popes are as follows: 1. St


The Apostle (AD 42-67) tapped by Jesus to lead the church. After

his martyrdom in Rome the city became the epicentre of

Christianity. 2. St Leo the Great

Rome's bishop (440-61) made himself pontifex maximus of the

Christian church. 3. St Gregory the Great

Affirmed the papacy as the western secular leader and converted

England to Christianity (590-604). 4. Innocent III

This medieval pope (1198- 1216) hand-picked emperors and

approved monkish orders. 5. Boniface VIII

Imperious, pragmatic and power-hungry, Boniface (1294-1303)

instituted the first Jubilee to make money. 6. Alexander


Ruthless Borgia pope (1492-1503) used the pontificate to destroy

rival families. 7. Julius II

Warrior pope and patron of the arts (1513-21), he hired

Michelangelo for the Sistine Chapel and Raphael to decorate his

apartment (see , . 8. Paul III

Scholarly and secular, but fighting Protestant reforms, Paul III

(1534-49) founded the Jesuits and the Inquisition. 9. Sixtus


Cleansed Papal States of corruption (1585-90) and masterminded a

Baroque overhaul of Rome. 10. John Paul II

The first non-Italian Pope for over 400 years, John Paul II

(1920-2005), was famed for his extensive travelling.

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