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Q: Who are the two famous flemish artists?
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Who is the painter David?

There are at least two famous artists of this name: Gerard David, Flemish, died 1523, and Jacques-Louis David, French,1748-1825.

Realist artists were most influenced by the?

Industrial Revolution

Who were the two European artists?

There have been thousands of internationally famous European artists, not just two.

Famous artists of the 1970s?

There were many famous artists of the 1970's. Two famous painters were Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andrew Wyeth. Bing Crosby was a famous singer.

What has the author Mary Bryan H Curd written?

Mary Bryan H. Curd has written: 'Flemish and Dutch artists in early modern England' -- subject(s): Flemish Art, Flemings, Dutch Art, Expatriate artists, Dutch

Names of Flemish artists?

Peiter Bruegel the Elder is one. PP Rubens is another.

What were two famous artists in the 1600's?

Rembrandt and Vermeer

Who were two famous artists during the Renaissance?

Raphael and Wycliffe

What Japanese artist perfected color woodcut?

Two artists Hokusai and Hiroshige, are the two most famous Japanese woodcut artists of the Edo period.

What are the names of some flemish artists?

Peiter Bruegel the Elder is one. PP Rubens is another.

What are the famous artists in Poland?

Who are the famous artists in Poland

Who were the two famous renaissance artists?

they were Leonardo DA Vince and Michelangelo

Are there famous artists from Monaco?

There are no significant famous artists from Monaco

How are flemish and walloon different?

Flemish and Waloon are two totally different people who just live in the same country, they have an different history, culture, language etc... A Flemish is not a Walloon and a Walloon is not a Flemish

Can you give me a two famous graffiti artists?

Two famous graffiti artists are Cope2 and Phetus. They have both been graffiti artists since the early 80's, and they have both gone on to design clothing for celebrities and major brands, comic books like Concrete Immortalz, toys and fine art.

Who are two famous artists that work on collages?

Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.

Who created the frescoes for the Vatican?

The two most famous artists were Michelangel and Raphael.

Who was the most famous Flemish painter?

Jan van Eyck

Who was a famous artist during the Renaissance?

Famous Renaissance ArtistsTwo of the most famous Renaissance artists are Leonardo da Vince and Michelangelo. Two of da Vince's famous paintings are The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. One of Michelangelo's famous works is painting of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

When was Famous Artists School created?

Famous Artists School was created in 1948.

How do you say two in Flemish?


What country is referred to as Flemish?

Flemish is derived from the country of Flanders (currently known as Belgium). Flemish is the language spoken in about two thirds of Belgium. The other one third speaks French.

Who are famous some famous artists in the Bahamas?

Stevie s. Ronnie butler joe scruggs and those are famous music artists

What are the names of three famous Spanish artists?

There are many famous Spanish artists. The names of the three famous Spanish artists are Carlos de Haes, Vicente Palmaroli and Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta.

Who are famous artists who draw insects?

There are a lot of famous artists who draw insects. Such artists include Maria Sibylla Merian who started drawing insects at age thirteen.