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Who are the user of accounting?

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a manager employees public taxauthorities analysts

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Who are the user of accounting information system?

Following are the users of accounting information systemmanagementemployees etc.

How are cost accounting and financial accounting similar?

Simple answer: They both provide useful information to users. Thus is the true goal of accounting. Cost accounting users= managers Financial accounting user= shareholders

Is employee an external user of accounting information?

External ueser

What is most likely to be a user of information in a managerial accounting setting?


Is a vice president an internal or external user of Accounting?

internal users

Which technology provides centralized remote user authentication authorization and accounting?


Which tax program can also help me with basic accounting?

Quicken is one of the most popular programs for taxes and basic accounting because it offers a huge variety of accounting tools and a user-friendly interface.

User of accounting information?

these are daily or day to day people dealing with accounting information these includes -the managers -prospective buyer -investors -Business Owners etc.

What are the prices like for user-friendly accounting software packages?

most of the cheap accounting software packages do not come with training. sometimes you really do get what you pay for, hope this helps.

If you have a small need for accounting software for either home or for a very small business which accounting software packages would be simple enough for the average home user with no accounting experience?

Quick Books an Quiken both offer home versions of their software for people who just need to keep track of personal finances. They are also both very user friendly and easy to learn.

What are the process of accounting in business?

Accounting Process is the method of recording and summarizing commands executed on Linux. The modern Linux kernel is capable of keeping process accounting records for the commands being run, the user who executed the command, the CPU time, and much more.

Why is GAAP necessary?

GAAP is meant for facilitating the user of the financial statements to understand them better by ensuring a common accounting procedures through Accounting standards, Guidance Notes and other accounting related provisions like Schedule-VI of Companies act.,(India).

Disadvantages of financial accounting?

Cost accounting is usually involved with management accounting. Financial accounting tends to deal with the past and presents information like statements for public and private use. Management.Cost Accounting related to accounting methods and techniques used by managers to operate their firms. Examples include raw materials, labor and manufacturing overhead management. On the other hand,... Simple answer: They both provide useful information to users. Thus is the true goal of accounting. Cost accounting users= managers Financial accounting user= shareholders

Who is primary user of management accounting information are?

Management and directors will use them to determine how well the company is doing and where to go from there.

What is creative accounting?

It is "thinking outside the box" when such practice is not permitted. Creative accounting is actually a good description of the practice, as it tends to "create" a picture that is not technically correct from the perspective of the information's intended user.

Who are the user of accounting data?

Following are the users of accounting data: 1- Share holders 2 - Governament 3 - Creditors 4 - Financial institutions 5 - Employess 6 - Investors etc

Where can one purchase an easy accounting software?

One can purchase easy accounting software from the company Intuit which sells the product Quick Books. The software is user-friendly and popular with small businesses.

What are some good colleges in which to get a degree in accounting?

UWAnswerI would highly recommend an accredited college whose accounting degree course will provide you with an understanding of business and financial concepts and how they relate to professional accounting. The program should also offer certifications in Tax Preparer; Microsoft Office User Specialist-Word for Windows; Microsoft User Specialist-Access; and Internet Commerce/Management.

The bodies that make up the International Accounting Standards?

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is an independent group of 15 experts with an appropriate mix of recent practical experience of standard-setting, or of the user, accounting, academic or preparer communities.Source: IASB website

What should be the the input and output process in order to have perfect accounting system?

Both have are the real entity seen by the user and the accounting system is the one which calculates the sccounting and process the input and gives the result as output

Where might one purchase finance accounting software online?

Finance Accounting software is a thing of the past. Nowadays one buys finance accounting services on-line. This saves the user from having to maintain on-site backup solutions and software updates. Peachtree and Quickbooks where well known software packages. Online accounting can be found at for instance Kashoo.

What does the word procurement mean?

on interview the company is asking for the following:- Experienced user of SAP including Procurement, Stock Managment and Accounting

Why accounting is called the language of business?

Because it communicates financial information, accounting is often called "the language of business." The information that a user of financial information needs depends upon the kinds of of decisions the user makers. The differences in the decisions divide the users of financial information into two broad groups: internal users and external users.

What about Executive Accounting?

Executive Accounting is designed for service type businesses that require a sophisticated accounting system, yet simple to use accounting system. Executive Accounting contains many advanced features such as three styles of invoicing (service, distribution and recurrent), multi-currency capabilities, multiple bank account capabilities and other powerful features. Executive is a single-user system that can be upgraded to an unlimited number of users.

Using Accounting Tax Software?

Using accounting tax software can be difficult if you've never used it before, but it is very simple to figure out. The majority of the work will be in finding the appropriate online user guide, which can help you understand the various accounting terms used in the software. Only when you spend some time with your accounting tax software will you be able to say you have a reasonable understanding of how it works.

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