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Q: Who are the voices of the characters in Rugrats?
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Cartoon characters who wore dirty underpants?

The Rugrats .

What season and episode are rugrats in Paris?

It was not in an episode. The sequel to the first Rugrats movie, titled "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie" released in 2000 features the Rugrats characters vacationing in Paris.

Are the Rugrats really rats?

no, its a cartoon where the main characters are babies

Who voices the characters in the movie cars?

Search list of cars characters on

Who does the voices of the characters in the Cloverway dub?

There are a lot of voices in the Cloverway Dub. Some of the main voices are Tiffany, Dan, Robert and Weller.

Who were the voices for the four main characters in the movie Shrek?


Which characters' voices came from Caroll Spinney?

Oscar the Grouch

What has the author Rebecca Gold written?

Rebecca Gold has written: 'Phil and Lil go to the doctor' -- subject(s): Brothers and sisters, Fiction, Juvenile fiction, Medical care, Physicians, Rugrats (Fictitious characters), Twins 'Babies in Reptarland' -- subject(s): Amusement parks, Babies, Brothers and sisters, Fiction, Infants, Remarriage, Rugrats (Fictitious characters), Rugrats movie 'Tommy's bestest adventure' -- subject(s): Brothers and sisters, Rugrats movie, Rugrats (Fictitious characters), Juvenile fiction, Remarriage, Fiction, Babies, Amusement parks, Infants

What actors and actresses appeared in Cyberia - 1994?

The cast of Cyberia - 1994 includes: Kathleen Beller as Additional Characters Greg Berg as Additional Voices Jocelyn Blue as Additional Voices Roberta Farkas as Additional Voices Drew Markham as Additional Characters

What characters names beginning with the letter r?

· Road Runner · Rocky & Bullwinkle · Roger Ramjet · Rugrats

Are the Monster High characters real?

No, they are just make believe cartoon characters. who are drawn out by artists and voices played by actresses

Are people in Star Wars The Old Republic real?

No, all of the characters are fictional, however, the voices of the characters are from real people.

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