Who are the winners and losers of globalization?

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there are heaps of winners and losers of globalization - the poor people who work in factories mass producing cloths and shoes etc. for such a small amount of money are losers because their dignity is affected and they are working long hours for nearly no money. These workers are also winners because getting some money is better than no money at all and there government is happy because there economy is slowly growing. the CEOs of big companies are winners because they are getting their products made for such a small amount of money and they can then sell it in expensively and gain so much more money. The consumers are losers because we are paying so much money for something that cost so little to make. The CEOs are also losers in an ethical since because they are ripping people off and so are the governments of developing companies, they could demand that the workers get paid more but they don't because then they may say no and take their business to a completely different country and everyone in that country would suffer. this is merely the beginning of the answer but i hope it helps.
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I was able to get them to email me some info. It had a Publishers Clearing House logo on it I call PCH and it is a scam Consumer Global Awards is just trying to scam hard working people out of their money

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