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The Oscar nominated drama Y Tu Mama Tambien was written by Alfonso and Carlos Cuaron. Alfonso Cuaron also directed the movie, which was released in 2001.

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"Tu tambien" translates as "you too" or "you also".

si, tu tambien si, tu tambien

"Me amas tu tambien?" means "Do you also love me?" or "Do you love me, too?"

tu eres linda tambien means you are beautiful, too

"Tu tambien" means "You too" or You also."Example:person 1: "Que tengas un buen dia." (Hope you have a nice day.)person 2: "Gracias, tu tambien." (thanks, you too)Tu tambien in Spanish means you too in English

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If you mean tu tambien, then it's: you too

Translation: "And you also?"

Tu tambien (informal) Usted tambien (formal) = You too

"Tu madre", "tu mama", "tu mamita" or "tu mami".

Confusing wordage for the question - in no way grammatically correct. If the question is "Te amo a ti tambien" the translation is "I love you ,too". If the question is "Me amas tu tambien?", the translation is "Do you love me, too?".

"You too" would be "tú también" or "usted también".Tu tambien or usted tambien = You too(Tu is used for friends, usted is more formal)

Y Tu Nana Tambien - 2008 was released on: USA: 25 June 2008 (48 Hour Film Project)

tu madre mama huevo tu madre mama huevo

If you want something translated, your question needs to SAY that you want it translated. "Te quiero tambien" means "I love (or want) you too." "Te quiero tu" is incorrect Spanish. The "tu" is not necessary when you use "te".

Thank you = Gracias You, too = A tu tambien

The phrase "para tu familia también" means ""for your family, too".

te amo y tu familia tambien, perhaps should be: te amo a ti, igual a tu familia. Roughly speaking: I love you and your family, or, I love you and your family also.

To say "you too" in Spanish, you say "tu tambien".