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We are not trading Cory Schneider at all.

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What is the birth name of Cory Schneider?

Cory Schneider's birth name is Cory Alan Schneider.

How tall is Cory Schneider?

NHL player Cory Schneider is 6'-02''.

Does Cory Schneider shoot right or left?

NHL player Cory Schneider shoots left.

How much does Cory Schneider weigh?

NHL player Cory Schneider weighs 195 pounds.

What position does Cory Schneider play?

Cory Schneider plays goalie for the New Jersey Devils.

Where was Cory Schneider born?

Cory Schneider was born in Salem, Massachusetts on 03-18-86.

What is Cory Schneider's number on the New Jersey Devils?

Cory Schneider is number 35 on the New Jersey Devils.

What NHL team does Cory Schneider play for?

Cory Schneider plays for the Vancouver Canucks, a team that is a member of the Northwest Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League. He plays as a hockey goaltender.

Who are the two goalies for Vancouver Canucks?

2013: Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo

Who is the canucks backup goalie?

Last season, there were Jason LaBarbera, Curtis Sanford and Cory Schneider.

Does Cory Schneider play defense for the Canucks?

He plays goaltender for the Canucks if Luongo is playing very bad.

What movie and television projects has Cory Schneider been in?

Cory Schneider has: Played Tom Graham in "The M.O. Of M.I." in 2002. Played One Night Stand in "Hard Pill" in 2005. Played Joey Richards in "Puberty: The Movie" in 2007. Played Patrick in "The Things I Cannot Change" in 2011. Played himself in "The Gay List: Los Angeles" in 2013.

Who is better Roberto luongo or Cory schneider?

I guess it's opinion. Looking at statistics Schneider has a better save average, but luongo has the experience. I love them both (but personally feel better when schneider's in net.) I'll be sad when we lose one of them next year.

Why is it a good thing that Canada is trading with Italy?

it is a good thing that Canada is trading with Italy because they both have valuable thing that they both can trade to each other. i love u Cory

What actors and actresses appeared in The Things I Cannot Change - 2011?

The cast of The Things I Cannot Change - 2011 includes: Jason Boegh as Noah Cory Schneider as Patrick

Who are the canucks goalies?

Right now, their main goaltender is Roberto Luongo. Their backup is Cory Schneider. They also have a third goaltender who they don't use, but plays in the minors named Eddie Lack.

What nicknames does Maxwell Schneider go by?

Maxwell Schneider goes by Max Schneider.

Where is the Schneider Branch Library in Schneider located?

The address of the Schneider Branch Library is: 24002 Parrish Avenue, Schneider, 46376 0019

What is Cory real name off Cory in the house?

The boy who plays Cory in Cory in the house is called Kyle Massey.

What has the author Ernst Schneider written?

Ernst Schneider has written: 'Stiftung Ernst Schneider'

Is max schneider the son of dan schneider?

Yes, Max IS the son of Dan Schneider.

What nicknames does Cory Brunwasser go by?

Cory Brunwasser goes by Cory B.

How tall is Can Schneider?

Can Schneider is 155 cm.

What is the birth name of Cory Podlesak?

Cory Podlesak's birth name is Cory Podlesak.

What is the birth name of Cory Frans?

Cory Frans's birth name is Cory Frans.

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