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Who are your aunts and uncles?


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Your aunts and uncles are the sisters and brothers of your parents.


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Uncles are to nephews as aunts are to nieces.

Your cousins are the children of your aunts and uncles. If you have no aunts or uncles, or they do not have children, you will not have cousins. This is very unusual.

Cousin. Your parents brothers and sisters are aunts and uncles. and the aunt and uncles children are your cousins.

Your parent's cousins are aunts and uncles only if they have brothers or sisters who have children. Your parent's cousins are your cousins, once removed.

Her aunts/uncles daughter.

Your aunts and uncles are the sisters and brothers of your parents. So they are "blood related." But you also call the husband of your mother's sister your uncle, and he is not "blood related." So aunts and uncles are not always really related to you.

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Tias = AuntsTios = Uncles

Start by asking your parents, aunts and uncles.

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aunts, cousins, daughters, sons, and friend.

No, both of his parents were only children.

Your first cousin is the child of one of your aunts or uncles.

Leroy Brathwait, Marcelle Armstrong.

Perhaps you mean "cousins", children of your uncles and aunts.

Your grandfather's children are either your parents or aunts or uncles.

Your aunts and uncles, and one of them is your father or mother.

Start by asking your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Cousins are the children of of both your parent's siblings (your aunts or uncles.)

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parents, children, aunts, uncles, and cousins

yes he did his aunt name was Francine

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