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I don't know about the show, but I had the album! it was a screenwriter named Sheldon Allman, who had a record called, I think, "Folk Songs for the 21st Century," that had the song "Do you have change for a hern/I beg you do not spurn/It may sound very funny/I just have martian money..." etc.

It was an album of offkey (not offcolor) songs with a science fiction theme. It was a classic, just sorry I gave it away somewhere along the way.

My recollection is that is was a short-lived sketch series by Red Skelton. I think he raised the question one week and brought a detailed poster the following week showing a whole new monetary system based on the hern.

No, no, no - - it was Milton Berle, who used the phrase as a running gag.

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Red Skelton
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Q: Who asked Do you have a change for a hern in a 1950's television series?
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