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Orville Gibson for mandolins (sort of like a guitar) in the 1890s as well as archtopped Guitars as well as the ES (Electrc spanish) guitar

Les Paul Ted McCarty and Les Paul made the Les Paul shape we all know and love , he also invented

Ted McCarty went on to make the Flying V and Explorer shape, the explorer was ahead of its time but was brought back years later and had much greater success thanks to metal Guitarists such as James Hetfield the flying V in the 60s thanks to guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and finally the Firebird guitar shape which guitarists such as Nikki Sixx play. As well as the tune-o-matic bridge and SG (solid guitar) shape. Ted's doen more but those are the highlights

Seth Lover is credited for humbucker pickups that where first used on Gibsons and than it goes down from there. more can be found on wikipedia of course

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Who makes famous guitars?

The most famous guitars and most widely know guitars are made by Gibson. No other guitar company has sold more guitars than Gibson.

What American company produces SG guitars?

Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Company, a traditional American guitar company of Kalamazoo, Michigan now produces SG. Orville Gibson has invented and developed many of the world's classic guitars.

What company produces Burny guitars?

Burny guitars are a replica of the Gibson guitar and are produced by the company called Fernandes Guitars. Fernandes Guitars opened for business in 1969.

How many guitars are sold each year by Gibson guitar company?


Is the Gibson guitar company still making guitars?

yes, they're one of the top guitar manufacturers in the world

Is the westfield guitars made by the same guitar company as Gibson?

no but i believe they are made in the same factory in south korea as epiphone guitars

What is a good acoustic guitar for a child?

The best brands of guitars is the Gibson guitars or gb&a guitars.

What type of guitar does Hannah Montana have?

She has Gibson guitars

How many strings on a Gibson guitar?

6 gibson guitars are the same as ordinary guitars just said to be higher in quality and in price

Why are Fender and Gibson guitars rivals?

when the electric guitar started to get popular Fender and Gibson made the best guitars, it was bound to happen.

Where can one purchase a Gibson electric guitar?

Gibson electric guitars can be purchased from many music stores and retailers. Some examples of stores that sell Gibson electric guitars include zZounds and Guitar Center.

Is the Gibson guitar company the same as the Gibson guitar corporation?

Yep, their the same company.

What is a make of guitar beginning with a g?

Gibson guitars are wicked

How much is a 1930s Gibson guitar worth?

The value of a 1930\'s Gibson guitar varies greatly by model as well as the guitars condition.

What brand of electric guitar does tom Kaulitz mostly play?

Gibson guitars Gibson. He always plays a Gibson Les Paul.

What are Gibson guitars made of?

As with any guitar company, the woods used by the Gibson guitar company vary from instrument to instrument. Generally speaking, though, Gibsons tend to have mahogany bodies and necks complimented with rosewood fretboards. On most electric guitars, a maple top is attached to the mahogany body to brighten the guitar's tone and add to the visual appeal of the instrument.

Where can I get a Gibson guitar for sale?

For a new Gibson guitar you can definitely check out that offer a wide selection of guitars particularly the higher brand ones.

What is the weight of a Gibson SG guitar?

standards roughly 14lbs , they call them solid guitars which is what SG stands for, for a reason. Gibson is known for making some of the heaviest guitars.

What is the number of guitars produced yearly by Gibson Guitar Corp?

thirty seven

Which guitar innovator and player has a range of Gibson guitars named after him?

Les Paul

Is jimm is a guitar company?

Yes, Jimm is a guitar company specializing in acoustic guitars. The company has been designing and selling acoustic guitars for over a decade.

Are Gibson guitars made anywhere outside of the US?

yes, in fact there is! they also make them in china and japan. but do not worry about the quality of the guitar cuz its still a Gibson guitar. Gibson also makes its Epiphone brand guitars in Asia. in my mind, Gibson `s that are made in the USA and Japan are a little better in sound than a Gibson`s from china. Chinese Gibson guitars are built to get the point across, but not to the true Gibson feel. so if you get one made there dont worry about the sound or looks. I mean A Gibson Is A Gibson.

What is the name of Kevin Jonas's guitar?

he like the Gibson guitars but his favourite guitar is Les Paul studio and Les Paul standard and Gibson Les Paul Custom. He also uses a Gibson Explorer and a Gibson DarkFire

Which company's guitar does Jonas Brothers use?

The Jonas Brothers use Gibson Guitars

What kind of guitar does tom fletcher from mcfly play?

les paul Gibson guitars