Who audit Wal-Mart Stores Inc balance sheet statement 2009?

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How is the income statement related to the balance sheet?

Income Statement is another type of a financial statement. It summarizes activities and events of one company which happened in a period of time. Usually, there are monthly, quarterly, and annual income statement. An income statement will show all revenues, all expenses, and net profits in detail. O ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between balance sheet and financial statement if there is any........?

Balance Sheet: Balance sheet is the financial picture of an organization on a given day.. while financial statement is a broader term and it can be for a very long time. financial statment is a formal record of business financial activities. it can be a day. month a year or so on.. while balance s ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet?

Income statement describes the current year performance whilebalance sheet describes the overall position of company right fromthe starting year of business to current year. The Income Statement, also know as a Profit and Loss Statement,details the entity's income and expenses for a specific period ( Full Answer )

Income statement and balance sheet?

Income statement shows the income and expenses related to one fiscal year while balance sheet shows the overall performance from inception to till date.

Difference between fund flow statement and balance sheet?

Difference between fund flow statement and balance sheet? Funds flow statement and balance sheet both are the statements of different nature. Funds flow statement is a statement summarizing the significant financial changes which occurred between the beginning and the end of a company's accounting ( Full Answer )

Why are income statement accounts closed but balance sheet accounts are not?

Income statements refer to a period of time, Balance sheets refer to a point in time. For things such as revenue and expenses (which are reported on an income statement) last years revenue and expenses have no bearing on the current periods figures. i.e. once you have reported your income for all ( Full Answer )

Balance sheet statement definition?

\nbal sheet is a statement which shows assets and liabilities of the co./firm or any organisation with profit or losses

Does interest payable go on a balance sheet or income statement?

interest expense is deducted from EBITA (Earnings before interest and tax). This is in the income statement. Note that interest expense is NOT the monthly or yearly mortgage being paid, birt the fraction of it that is just interest.

Importance of income statement and balance sheet?

Let's take a moment to catch our breath in the discussion of the Income Statement, and look at all the information we've absorbed so far and the importance of the Income Statement in fulfilling the financial picture for the state of a business. . The Income Statement is a direct result of the infor ( Full Answer )

How do income statements and balance sheets articulate?

The income statement is part of the "Profit and Loss" ("P&L") statement. Here you state what is accounts receivable and what is paid, and end up with a profit or a loss. Now that is taken on to the balance, to make a profit is an asset, while a loss is a liability that has to be covered. So, in the ( Full Answer )

What is Wal-Mart Stores Inc return policy?

Depends on the item. Normally, it is the same as walmart.com, which you can view at: http://www.walmart.com/returns. Airbeds 15 days.. Ammo/Gun---All sales final. Guns can be sent out for repair.. Walmart prides itself with saying we will do refund, exchange or repair.. I work for walmart. A ite ( Full Answer )

Email the president of Wal-Mart Stores Inc?

You can try this.. President & CEO of Walmart Stores/Supercenters USA: Eduardo Castro-Wright Email Address: Euardo.Castro@wal-mart.com Phone: 1-479-277-2430. wwamanager@yahoo.com

What is difference between audited and unaudited balance sheet?

i was looking for the same answer.... so9 here it goes.. A financial audit , or more accurately, an audit of financial statements , is the verification of the financial statements of an entity. The opinion is intended to provide reasonable assurance that the financial statements are presented fair ( Full Answer )

Prepaid income balance sheet or income statement?

Prepaid Income is a balance sheet item. Income received in advance is treated as Liability of the firm. The same get transferred to Income Statement / Profit & Loss Account when income is earned. Followed by Accrual Accounting concept and Accounting Period Concept, such income received before they a ( Full Answer )

What is the link between income statement and Balance Sheet?

An income statement, as d word itself says, is d statement of our income aggregated by ur expenditures. An income statement depicts ur income for a particular year, generally an year and it also shows ur profit or loss earned during d year. whereas a balance sheet shows d position of ur business ( Full Answer )

How are the income statement and the balance sheet related?

Financial statements of company or firm includes Income and expenditure or profit and loss statement and balance sheet of financial year. Income and expenditure statement shows l income earned by them and expenditure spend by them, gross profit and net profit Balance sheet includes assets , liabilit ( Full Answer )

What are differences between a statement of affairs and a balance sheet?

balance sheet refers to position of assets n liabilities @ end of s yr..but stt of affairs refers to transactions entered into by the comp. durin tat yr..generaaly stt. of affairs is prepared in absence of bal sheet (ie) if bal sheet cudn b prepared due to unavoidable circumstances or its prepared,b ( Full Answer )

Is equipment on a balance sheet or income statement?

Answer: Equipment is an asset and is presented on the debit side of the balance sheet. As the equipment is used over the economic lifetime, the value of the asset is reduced, which is called depreciation (expense). Depreciation expense is included in the income statement.

When are income statement and balance sheets usually prepared?

They're prepared after the financial year end. For large companies and corporations on stock markets they have 6 months to prepare them. While smaller companies tend to have longer, in the UK it is currently 10 months, soon to be just 9 months.

Where does accounts receivable go balance sheet or income statement?

Accounts receivables are on the balance sheet. They are an asset of the firm, that is they represent a future economic benefit. The income statement holds the revenues and expenses of the business.. It goes to the Balance sheet (Debtors) under Current Assets. What goes into income statement is Sale ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between income statement and balance sheet?

Essentially the Income Statement shows how much profit (or loss) an entity generated for a certain period. For example, the income statement of XYZ Corp. for the Year Ended December 31, 2010 would list all their income (i.e. product sales, rents received, royalties received, etc.) and all the expens ( Full Answer )

What is the linkage between income statements and balance sheet?

Income statement and balance sheet are linked in this way thatincome statement describes how assets and liabilities are utilizedto earn revenue and net income while balance sheet describes theinformation about remianing amount of assets and liabilities.

Does inventory belong on balance sheet or income statement?

It belongs on BOTH. In the balance sheet, the closing inventory is included in Current Assets. In the income statement, both opening and closing inventories are taken into account when calculating Cost of Goods Sold (or Cost of Sales). Cost of Goods Sold is calculated as: Opening inventories ( Full Answer )

Is depreciation on balance sheet or income statement?

Depreciation on the income statement is the amount of \ndepreciation expense that is appropriate for the period of time \nindicated in the heading of the income statement. The depreciation \nreported on the balance sheet is the accumulated or the \ncumulative total amount of depreciation that ha ( Full Answer )