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Who awards Purple Heart medals?

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Normally purple hearts are awarded by the most senior officer in attendance at the time the award is being presented. Soldiers do have the option to request a specific officer present the award to them but this would depend on many variables, least of which is the availability of that officer. In certain areas of operation, Commanders may have a specific policy on who may present the award, but this will vary from command to command.


As per Chapter 2, paragraph 8 of Army Regulation 600-8-22:

c. While clearly an individual decoration, the Purple Heart differs from all other decorations in that an individual is not "recommended" for the decoration; rather he or she is entitled to it upon meeting specific criteria.

j. During wartime the senior Army commander in the combat theater can award the Purple Heart as approval authority when delegated by the Secretary of the Army. The National Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132-5100, awards the Purple Heart to any member of the Army, who during World War I, was awarded a Meritorious Service Citation Certificate signed by the Commander in Chief, American Expeditionary Forces, or who was authorized to wear wound chevrons, upon written application. Approval authority for the Purple Heart for Army personnel wounded or killed as the result of an international terrorist attack is the Secretary of the Army. All other requests for award of the Purple Heart are processed by the Commander, USA HRC (AHRC-PDO-PA). The

following types of requests for award of the Purple Heart will be forwarded to the Commander, USA HRC, ATTN:

AHRC-PDO-PA, 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria, VA 22332-0471:

(1) Any member of the Army who was awarded the Purple Heart for meritorious achievement or service, as opposed to wounds received in action, between 7 December 1941 and 22 September 1943, may apply for award of an appropriate decoration instead of the Purple Heart.

(2) For those who became Prisoners of War during World War II, the Korean War and before and after 25 April 1962, the Purple Heart will be awarded to individuals wounded while prisoners of foreign forces, upon submission by the individual to the Department of the U.S. Army of an affidavit that is supported by a statement from a witness, if

this is possible.

(3) Any member of the U.S. Army who believes that he or she is eligible for the Purple Heart, but through unusual circumstances no award was made, may submit an application through military channels, to the Commander, USA HRC, ATTN: AHRC-PDO-PA. The application will include complete documentation, to include evidence of medical treatment, pertaining to the wound.

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Are purple heart medals solid gold?


What is the purple of the purple heart made of?

Like most medals, the Purple Heart Medal is made of brass alloy. It has an enamel coating that gives it the purple color.

What military medals did Ted Knight receive?

purple heart

What does decorated soldier mean?

A decorated soldier in one who has received medals for exceptional service, such as the Purple Heart or Congressional Medal of Honor. Awards are also referred to as decorations.

How many purple heart medals were awarded for Vietnam?

Over 300,000.

What medals did JFK earn besides the purple heart?

He was awarded the The Navy Marine Corps Medal. That was for the same actions that he got his Purple Heart for.

Does the purple heart medal give you points towards WAPS testing?

Yes the purple heart awards you points for testing.

Where are the purple heart medals made?

The US military purchases medals and insignia from various manufacturers. Current issue Purple Hearts are made by Graco Industries in Tomball, TX.

When wearing the awards which comes first Purple Heart or Bronze Star?

According to AR 600-9-22, Table 3-4, the Purple Heart is to the left of the Bronze Star. The Bronze Star is a higher medal than the Purple Heart, and medals or ribbons are mounted right to left, top to bottom. The regulation can be found at

What is a purple heart with oak leaf clusters?

In US military, oak leaf clusters on most medals this indicates multiple awards of that medal. For the Purple Heart The Air Force and Army put oak leaf clusters on this medal, the Navy and the Marine Corps put gold stars on the medal.

How much would it coast buy a purple heart?

Purple Heart Medals can be bought and sold. Numerous sources are available for this. Generally, they are available for around $50 US.

What is the Difference between a purple heart and a purple heart with oak leaf cluster?

An Oak Leaf is a device for an award that is worn to indicate a second award of the same medal.A Purple Heart Medal with one Oak Leaf would mean that the wearer earned 2 Purple Heart Medals.

What is a purple heart with clusters?

A cluster represents multiple awards of that medal.

Is there a list of Purple Heart recipients from World War 1?

The noted website has a link to a general database of Purple Heart recipients. However it is alphabetically rather than chronologically categorized, one would need to know the name(s) that they are seeking or would need to search the entire database, and it is incomplete. (General Databases, Medals and Awards, Purple Heart Database) Postel, John Richard

Who created the purple heart medal?

Congress OKs any awards like that

Who has had the most purple heart medals been given to?

US Army sergeant Robert Howard received eight Purple Hearts for Vietnam War

Were all World War 2 Purple Heart medals engraved with the recipent's name on the back?


Who awards the purple heart and who is eligible to receive it?

Ben Franklin, people who were honorable discharged.

How do you find out who was awarded medals such as purple hearts bronze medals etc?

There are no central listings for the minor medals including the purple heart or bronze star. You have to look at the individual soldier's service record for the award. Also, each battalion generally has a log of all of the citations that they have requested for their people. The higher awards like medal of honor and distinguished service cross can be found online. One example is the Wikipedia page in the related links section below.

What medals and decorations did general george s Patton receive?

These are the medals and awards General Patton received. Distinguished Service Cross (2) Distinguished Service Medal (3) Silver Star (2) Legion of Merit Bronze Star Purple Heart Order of the Bath Order of the British Empire

If you receive two purple hearts do you get two medals?

In US Military, you are awarded a medal the first time you are decorated. For multiple awards of the same medals, you receive a cluster to be pinned to your original medal and the ribbon for it.

Where can you find a List of purple heart receipientsfor ww11?

No list exists. Something like 17 million US servicemembers were involved in WWII. Tens of thousands of Purple Heart medals were awarded during the 4 years of the war.

Why are military personnel awarded purple hearts?

If you are wounded while serving in the military or killed in action you can be awarded a purple heart. The President of the United States is usually the one who awards the military member or family member with the honor of the purple heart medal.

How did soldiers get medals?

Their chain-of-command recommends and approves the citation. The medals are usually awarded in a formal ceremony, but they can be awarded in other situations, such as the Purple Heart is often given to the soldier while they are in the hospital.

Is there a list of 2007 purple heart recipients?

No list exists for PH awards in year 2007. The US was, and is, at war; as a consequence of this, hundreds (if not thousands) of PH Medals have been awarded. Individual Military Records would have to be checked to account for all PH recipients.