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The pitcher and maybe the first baseman, if there is no need for anyone to cover first base and no need for him to cut a throw from the outfield.

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That would depend on the team and the manager. Most likely the third or first baseman, but in reality, whoever's in the best position to do so given the game situation at the time. Also, it would not be a stolen base to advance on a pass ball.

He does a variety of things during a game. He calls and catches the pitches, throws out baserunners, blocks the plate from a run scoring situation or a wild pitch, backs up the 1st baseman , catches foul balls and makes plays in the infield.

The runner backs have to be able to run on short grass

Normally the backs are honoured with the scoring whilst the forwards do "the hard yards"

It means corner backs. They are on offense

Left defence is not not a position in soccer. There are left full backs, left backs, left wing backs, left centre backs. And their job is to defend lol though some teams like their left/right backs (and wing backs) to run down the wings and get crosses in to the strikers so wing backs have to be fast ideally for that role

it is a person running with food on their backs this is also known as metal spam n in Britain it is called freighter

cornerback. They are also referred to as db's...defensive backs

no one has a definitive answer on tis but common thought is that it is one of the backrow in particular the two flankers. this is because this position is normally a link to the backs and first to break downs and support running behind the backs

Reggie bush is one of the Saints running backs.

well the corgi thinks that that is a comfortable position other than the side.

Forwards are often required to do a lot of hard work such as making openings for the backs and gaining metres in field position. Backs are usually smaller and faster, though a big player who can run can be of advantage in the backs. Their roles require speed and ball-playing skills, rather than just strength, to take advantage of the field position gained by the forwards.

In football the position behind the line of scrimmage changes depending on if the offense, defense, or special teams is on the field. In the offense it is the quarterback and possibly the running backs. The defense has the safeties, linebackers, and defensive backs playing off the line. In special teams it would be the kicker or punter.

They were both running backs. You should watch the movie Brians Song..

their main job is to stop opposing players, particularly strikers, from scoring, and to bring the ball out from their penalty area. As the name suggests, they play in a central position. Most teams employ two centre-backs, stationed in front of the goalkeeper. There are two main defensive strategies used by centre-backs: the zonal defence, where each centre-back covers a specific area of the pitch, and man-to-man marking, where each CB marks a player.

rabbits don't go into a trance when you lay them on their backs. you have to train them to stay in that position and they have to really trust you. normally if you turned a rabbit on its back, it would kick at you and turn back over.

Typically 3 or 4 due to the high probability of an injury it's important to have depth at the position

Player numbers were assigned based on their position in the batting order.

What position are you talking about? There is.. Center Forward Right Wing Left Wing Goalie 3 Full Back (Help the goalie) Fullback (Near the goalie) 3 Half Backs

No, the bleacher seats do not have backs. Only the seats in the grandstand have backs. Bleacher seating by its very definition means no backs.

Because they had wing forward now called flankers and then had to distinguish the backs by calling them wing three quarters as the were in the three quarter position i..e Scrum half and Outside haf are called "Half Backs" and the full back is "full back" the centres were classed as three quarter back.

Full backs (left backs and right backs) usually wear 2 or 3.

There are the push on,locking backs,screw on backs,and plastic stoppers

guinea pigs can breathe on their backs but if u force them to lay on their backs then they will bite you. if they roll on their backs by themselves and do not struggle to get up leave them there they will be fine.

Winger - Left or Right Midfield, players who start out wide on an attack Holding Role - Defensive Midfielder who usually drops back deep so he/she can receive passes from the defenders and allows the full backs to push up more. Attacking Midfielder - advanced midfielder position with good technical ability and often assists in goal scoring opportunities Playmaker - Usually attack or defensive midfielder with good passing ability creating an attack by bring players into the attack.

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