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Who bats first in a baseball game?


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The lead off batter determined by the coach and annotated on the line up of the visiting team.


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whoever is first in the roster

The away or visiting team comes up to bat first in a baseball game. The home team always bats in the bottom of the inning.

Alexander Cartwright Invented Baseball and Played in the First Game.

The first recorded game of baseball was in 1846, Hoboken, New Jersey

In 1924 a patent was issued to William Shroyer for the first metal baseball bat. Despite this early patent, metal bats were not seen in the game of baseball until 1970, when Worth introduced the games first aluminum baseball bat.

The away team bats first. this gives the home team the last chance to score.

I think the first baseball game was located in Cooperstown, New York

Walter Roberts and a man in New York made the first baseball in 1762.

they have balls bats and that is all

The first organized baseball game was June 19, 1846 in Hoboken, NJ

The visiting team bats first in a softball game.

Cincinnati Redlegs played the first game.

0 hits in 3 at bats during his first game

No. The first recorded baseball game in the US was in 1846. Click on the 'First Baseball Game' link on this page to read a little about it.

The first electronic baseball game sold in stores was the Mattel Classic Baseball Game. The game was reissued by Mattel in 2001 and could be purchased for arouns $11.99 from Walmart.

I think Cincinnati had the first night game in baseball.

Benjamin Harrison was the first president to attend a major league baseball game.

the first baseball game to gross a million dollars was the Yankee's versus the braves in 1965

what5 was the first game to be broadcasted by live satellite

Baseball is not an Olympic sport.

First lighted baseball game was played on June 2,1883. Fort Wayne Kekiongas hosted the Quincey Professionals.

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