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Fidel Castro overthrew Presidente Batista in the 1950s. Whilst Batista was originally democratically elected, he cancelled scheduled elections (because he wasn't going to win), and so became a dictator. Thus two men became dictators of Cuba in the 1950s - Batista and then Castro.

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Q: Who became dictator of Cuba in 2011?
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What country did Fidel Castro become the dictator of?

Fidel Castro became leader of Cuba, a few years after helping to dispose of the previous dictator Batista.Cuba

What occupation did Fidel Castro have?

Castro was a lawyer before becoming the dictator of Cuba, he later became the president of Cuba.

What types of work did Fidel Castro do to became who he is?

Fidel Castro was a lawyer before he became the dictator of Cuba.

Who is the dictator of Cuba?

Raul Castro is the dictator in Cuba since Fidel is dead.

Who is a dictator?

Fiddel Castro in Cuba is a dictator

Was Fidel Castro a dictator?

yes he was a dictator for cuba

Who was the president of the United States when Fidel Castro became the dictator of Cuba in 1959?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Who is the dictator for Cuba?


The man who opposed the dictator of cuba and spent 20 years in prison as a result?

fidel Castro was and is the dictator of cuba

Who is the dictator of Cuba today?

The Dictator of Cuba now is Raul Castro because Fidel Castro got sick and died.This is definetly not true. Fidel Castro was sick, but he recovered and he was still the dictator of Cuba. He retired, and now Raul Castro is dictator.

What island became communist in 1959?

Cuba. Fidel Castro was declared the sole dictator of the island after years of guerilla warfare.

How Long Has Castro Been Dictator Of Cuba?

Fidel Castro has been dictator of Cuba for 53 years. (1959-2012)

What is a way the legislation can be passed in Cuba?

For 60 years Castro has been dictator of Cuba. A dictator does not pass legislation but tells his government what to do.

Can a half American and Cuban be president of cuba?

No....because cuba does not have a president it has a dictator.

Why was the US afraid of a communist government in Cuba?

Because Cuba has a scary dictator

Who was the first dictator of Cuba?

Fidel Castro

Who is the current dictator of cuba?

Raul Castro

Current dictator of cuba?

Ramon Castro

What is a type of leader?

Cuba has a dictator as a leader.

Who is the dictator over cuba?

fidel Castro

Who was the dictator of Cuba in the cold war?


Man who opposed dictator of cuba?


Who was the dictator of Cuba around 1962?

Fidel Castro

How are the people represented in Cuba?

By a dictator, Raul Castro.

Who was the Revolutionary that overthrew the dictator of Cuba?

fidel castro