Middle Ages

Who began the Middle Ages?


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the vikings started the middle ages.

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The Middle Ages began after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

the middle ages began around the tenth century snd ended around the sixteenth century

the middle ages began around 500 a.d:)

The Late Middle Ages began about the year 1300.

The rebirth of trade in the late middle ages began in Europe, following endemic warfare, social unrest, and depopulation.

Middle Ages... The Middle Ages were the times... of kings... queens.. and crusades... the were the times from when the bible ends to... when Marco polo began his adventures to Asia.

the middle ages began around 500 a.d. i think about 476 a.d.peace

i think that the middle ages started in the 1950's and ended well i dont think it has ended and that is what i think when the middle ages started and began

Middle ages. The Renaissance began with the age of exploration around 1400. Middle ages lasted a 1000 years from 410 AD to 1400.

Nationalism began after the Middle Ages in Europe

In the Middle Ages, knights were noblemen or warriors. Knights began their training at an early age and the were trained with the Code of Chivalry.

The Roman Empire was first. The Middle Ages began when the West Roman Empire fell.

The renaissance began in the 1500s CE, (Middle Ages).

The fall of Rome in 410 AD

The end of the Middle Ages began as the feudal system declined and standing armies were formed. The birth of the middle class also caused this ending.

Rome fell to the barbarians and when this happened in 410 AD the world was thrown into chaos. No services or government existed so the "dark ages" or middle ages began.

The Middle Ages began in the 5th century and end in the 15th century.

The Middle Ages began aroun 500 a.d., and ended around 1500 a.d.

The pre modern period began with the vassals

The start of exploration ened the middle ages. New ideas, foods, and thinking came into Europe.

There are two views on this subject. One is that the Middle Ages began when the West Roman Empire fell in the 5th century. The other is that the Middle Ages followed the Dark Ages and began in the 10th century. I believe the former is more widely held and that the later is prevalent in Britain, but considered somewhat old fashioned elsewhere.

No pope began reform then. They liked it the way it was. Lots of power and controlling the population.

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