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Before an insurance company can sell insurance in a certain state, it must register with the State Dept of Insurance. If the company is sold, then it must notify the Dept of who it was sold to. If it just closes down, its policies were likely sold to another company, the Dept will have to be notified of that as well.

Contact your State's Dept of Insurance and inquire there.

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What happened to peoples security life insurance company in durham North Carolina?

Have a Peoples Security Life Ins policy. Need a # to call

Who bought Security Life Insurance Company?

If you are referring to the Security Life of Denver Insurance Company, it seems to be owned by ING.

Who bought Peoples Life Insurance Company of Washington D C?

I have a policy from Peoples Life Insurance Co. I think their main office was in West Vergina, not sure. At the time they were in Columbus, Ohio.

What company bought Peoples Life Insurance Company of Washington DC?

Monumental Life Insurance Company, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

What company bought modern security life insurance company?

Reassure America Life Insurance Company, Jacksonville, IL

How do you locate an old insurance company called assured security life insurance company?

Assured Security Life was bought by AMERICAN MEMORIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY in 1994. I have attached a link with their information Chad Joiner

What is an insurance security bond?

What is an insurance security bond

Who bought Surety Life Insurance?

The Allstate Corporation bought Surety Life Insurance in 1981.

Which company bought the life insurance company of Virginia?

Who bought The Life Insurance Company of Virginia

Is contents insurance bought with home insurance or separately?

Contents insurance can be purchased either way. Usually it is purchased with home insurance, but it can also be bought by itself. It is usually bought alone for people renting their home.

Which company bought Members Life Insurance Company of Dallas Texas?

What company bought out Members Life Insurance Company

Who took over Peoples Life Insurance of Washington DC in Hagerstown MD?

Is Peoples Life Insurance of Washington DC still in Hagerstown MD

Peoples life insurance company of Washington D.C.?

Contact Monumental Life Insurance Company 2 E. Chase St. Baltimore, ND 21202 for Peoples Life Insurance-Washington DC

What is Progressive Security Insurance Co?

An insurance company that sell vehicle insurance to people.

Who bought peoples life insurance company of Washington DC?

Go to http:/www.insuranceroundup.com/lost.htm and see if they can help you locate who bought the company that you mentioned. Michael FindYourPolicy.com They are now Monumental Life. Phone 1-800638-3080. Monumental Life is the company

Security Trust Life Insurance Company Macon Georgia?

What is security trust life insurance company macon Gao

Is you social security number the same as your national insurance number?

is a social security number the same as a national insurance number

Who bought Roosevelt National Life Insurance Company of America in Springfield IL?

who bought roosevelt National Life Insurance Company of America

Is there insurance for floods?

In the US, flood insurance can be bought only from the Federal Government.

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