Who built the London Bridge in London?

Peter of Colechurch between 1176 and 1209

Additional information:

This depends on which London Bridge is the subject of this question.

There have been a number of different London Bridges over the past 2000 years. In 46AD, the Romans built the first bridge across the Thames River; it was a simple wooden construction which was burnt down in 1014.

The replacement bridge was destroyed by a storm in 1091, and the next bridge after that was destroyed again by fire in 1136.

A new stone bridge was built by Peter of Colechurch between 1176 and 1209. It served as the main bridge for centuries, until increasing traffic congestion made it obvious a new bridge was required.

Engineer John Rennie started construction of the next London Bridge in 1825 and finished the bridge in 1831. However, a necessary widening process some 70 years later weakened the bridge's foundations to the point where it began sinking an inch every eight years. In 1968, it was auctioned and sold for $2,460,000 to Robert McCulloch who moved it to Havasu City, Arizona.

The current London Bridge was constructed by contractors John Mowlem from 1967 to 1972, and officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 16 March 1973.