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Who built the Twin Towers?

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I dont know who BUILT the twin towers I just know the architecter (Guy who made its form).The guy name was Minoru Jamasky.

-Nicolas Li

The architect was named Minoru Yamasaki not Minoru Jamasky.\


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Why are the twin towers so important?

when were the twin towers built

How were the twin towers built?

the twin towers were built by very large machinery and they also took a while to build them

Are they going to build the Twin Towers again?

Yes the twin towers will be built again.

When were the twintowers built?

The twin towers were built in 1973.

Is the twin towers Built?

no not yet

Why was the petronas twin towers built?

The PETRONAS twin towers are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were built to symbolize the growing success of Malaysia.

What year were the Twin Towers built?


When was the petronas twin towers built?

The towers was constructed during 1992-1998

When where twin towers built?

When were the Twin Towers built?In reference to the Twin Towers of the Original World Trade Center in New York City (now destroyed): Separate sections of the Twin Towers opened individually between the years of 1970-1973. The ribbons were officially cut on April 4, 1973.

How is the twin towers reconstruction progressing?

It isn't. Rather than rebuild the twin towers, a single "Freedom tower" will be built.

When were the twin towers of new york built?


What was there before the twin towers were built?

A big cat

How much money did it take to rebuild the twin towers in New York?

None: The twin towers were not re-built, a new set of buildings and memorials were built instead.

Will the Twin Towers II be built with the delays of the freedom tower?

There are currently no plans to rebuild the Twin Towers. Instead, One World Trade Center is being built at the site of the original Twin Towers. It is scheduled to open in late October 2014.

When were the twin towers memorial built?

to honor the towers when they were there and to keep 9/11 in rememberance

Why arent the twin towers being built again?

They are being built again.

Did they build anything in place of the twin towers?

No, they haven't built anything in place of the twin towers yet, but that doesn't mean they never will.

Who built the twin tower?

Minoru Jamasky designed and planned the buliding of The Twin Towers.

Why was the twin towers built?

to improve the beleif in their trade center

What year were the twin towers built and what year did they fall?

they were built 1966 , they collapse in 2001

What year were the twin towers finished being built?

The south tower was finished being built on December 1970 and the north was finished on January 172. Both Twin Towers were dedicated in 1973.

When was twin towers built and when did it claps what year?

The towers were completed in 1972, and collapsed in 2001 - 29 years.

What was built over the twin towers after the attack?

a statue of george bush

What president wanted the twin towers built?

Bob billy bob

What year was twin towers built?

The twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, New York was built in 1987. Each building had 47 floors with a shared subway area underneath.