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Who built the first basketball hoop?


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Basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith, born in Almonte, Ontario (near Ottawa, Canada). Dr. Naismith used an apple basket with the bottom cut out for the first basket. Dr. Naismith invented the game in the United States, at a private school. He wanted to give young boys a game of agility and skill, with little cost involved.


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The first basketball hoop was a peach basket.

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The first hoop was made out of a peach basket, and they used a soccor ball for the first basketball.

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plaese tell me who made the first hoop?

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A basketball hoop is just a hoop. A basketball is a ball for sports.

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A basketball hoop is a hoop with a string net, through which a basketball must be placed in order to score points in the game of basketball.

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