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The first programmable computer was built by Konrad zuse somewhere between the years built between 1936 and 1938. and the blue prints where from Charles baggage

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Q: Who built the first programmable computer?
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Was the first programmable robot built in 1954?

was the first programmable robot built in 1954

Which computer is known as the first computer of the world?

It depends on what you mean by computer, but the first electronic, partly programmable computer was the colossus computer built by Tommy Flowers in 1943.

When was the first programmable computer invented?

Babbage invented The Analytical Engine programmable mechanical computer in the 1840s but never built it. Several programable electromechanical and electronic computers were invented almost simultaneously in the 1940s and built and operated.

Who invented first computer program?

Probably the first person to invent a programmable computer. That would be Charles Babbage, although he never built the computer. The idea of a programmable computer and the program to run on it are inextricably linked, one cannot be without the other.

What was the name of the first programmable digital computer and what year was it built?

First programable digital computer was Harvard Mark I in 1942, however it was electromechanical not electronic.

BY WHO WERE the first computers invented?

Konrad Zuse (pronounced `Conrud Tsoosay')built the first working programmable computer in 1936

Who the first invented computer?

Charles Babbage in 1840s, but he never built it.First electronic computer built was Atanasoff-Berry Computer in 1942, but it wasn't programmable and was never patented.First programmable computer was Harvard Mark I, designed by Howard Aiken, built by IBM in 1942, but it wasn't electronic.First electronic programmable computer was ENIAC, designed by Eckert & Mauchly, built in 1945, but programming was cumbersome as it involved manually rewiring the connections between the 40 modules of the machine as well as setting manually roughly 1000 switches.First modern type electronic programmable computer that stored instructions and data in the same memory was the british EDSAC in 1948. Soon followed by the US EDVAC in 1949.Note: all above are digital computers, I am ignoring analog computers.

What year were computers invented?

Some might say that the Babbage Difference Engine was the first computer. It was built in 1822. The first programmable computer was the Z1 built in Germany in 1938. The Colossus was the first electric computer in 1943. The Atanasoff-Berry Computer was the first digital computer in 1937. ENIAC was completed in 1946. IBM built their first mainframe in 1953. The first mincomputer was built in 1960. Hewlett Packard built the first desktop computer in 1968 called the HP9100A.

When the first computer was invented?

the first known computer, a mechanical analog computer, was invented and built circa 100BCthe first digital computer, a programmable mechanical decimal computer, was invented circa 1840 but never builtthe first electronic digital computer, an electronic binary computer, was invented circa 1936 and built in 1942. it was dismantled later that yearthe first programmable electronic digital computer, was invented in 1943 and 11 of them in 2 different models were built between 1944 and the end of the war in Europe. this is the only digital computer built built in a quantity greater than 1 until the early 1950sthe first stored program electronic digital computer, was built in 1948 based on a variety of concepts invented between 1936 and 1946. all modern digital computers are derivatives of this architecture

When was the first programmable robot built in1954?


What is the first type of computer at the year 1935?

The Z1 Computer, the first actual programmable computer.

Who designed the first fully programmable mechanical computer?

The first person to design the first fully programmable mechanical computer was an English mathematician called Charles Babbage.

What would the first programmable computer do?

The first programmable computer, the Colossus computer, was designed and employed by British codebreakers to help read encryped German messages during WWII.

When was the first large scale computer built?

The first programmable computer was the Zuse Z3, which was presented to an audience on May 12th 1941. It wasnt the best computer. it was about as great as a pocket held calculater is today. But it was still useful.

What were the consequences of Charles Babbage making the first computer?

None as Charles Babbage never made any computer. He was the first to invent an automatic programmable general purpose digital computer, but he completely failed to get any built.

What was the name of the first electronic and programmable computer?


What inventions were invented in 1938?

the first programmable computer.

Who did invented first analog computer?

Tony sanara invented the first programmable computer in 1206

Who is credited with creating the first computer?

That is difficult to say depending on your definition of computer. Is it analog, digital, programmable, automatic, manual, etc.? Was it actually built, or do machines like Babbage's Analytical Engine that were never built count?

How large was the first computer built?

Some of the first computers:ABC - size of a desk (not programmable)Harvard Mark I - size of a room (electromechanical)ENIAC - size of a room

Who was the first American that invented a computer?

Alan Turing, I think. He made the computer, I am not to sure. Turing was British not American. The first American to invent a programmable computer was likely Vanevar Bush in 1929, but his was analog electromechanical, it was called the Differential Analyzer. The first American to invent an electronic digital computer was John Vincent Atanasoff, but his was not programmable, while it had no name at the time it was built it was later called the Atanasoff-Berry Computer. The first American to invent a programmable digital computer was Howard Aiken, but his was electromechanical, it was called the Harvard Mark I. The first programmable electronic digital computer was invented by Thomas Flowers of the British Post Office in 1942, called Colossus it was used to crack the German high command's cyphers (with 11 machines built prior to the end of the war, it was the only digital computer built prior to 1950 in a quantity greater than 1). The first Americans to invent a programmable electronic digital computer were John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, but their machine ENIAC was a dead end architecture that was very difficult to program. The first programmable electronic digital computer resembling modern ones in architecture, called the Manchester Baby, was built by the British in 1948, but it had a minuscule memory of only 32 words of 32 bits each. Practical programmable electronic digital computers resembling modern ones in architecture really had to wait for the early 1950s and by then inventions only covered improvements in specific design detail, not whole computers.

Which country make 1st computer?

The first programmable computer (The Analytical Engine ) was designed by Charls Babbage in England in 1837. The first enectronic programmable computer (the Collosus) was was developed by Tommy Flowers in Britian in 1943.

When did the first modern computer appear?

The first consumer computer appeared in 1974/75. But the first "freely programmable" computer appeared in 1936.

What is the name of first programmable electronic digital computer?

Colossus, but it was a special purposecryptographic programmable electronic digital computer.ENIAC was later but was general purpose.

What does freely programmable computer mean?

A freely programmable computer is a computer that can be programmed and reprogrammed by the user. Almost all modern computers are freely programmable.