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Who built the transcontinental railroad?

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The Union Pacific Railroad and The Central Pacific Railroad Companies were formed to build the railroad. Many of the CPR workers working east from California were Chinese-Americans and many of the UPR workers building west from Nebraska were Irish immigrants.

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The companies that built the transcontinental railroad are the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific.

The transcontinental railroad was built by the Union Pacific Railroad going west from Omaha, Nebraska. They built their part of the railroad to Promontory, Utah. The Central Pacific Railroad built the other part of the transcontinental railroad starting in Sacramento, California and built east meeting the Union Pacific Railroad.

it was not formed it was built

central pacific and union pacific railroad companies

The First Transcontinental Railroad opened for trains to pass through on May 10, 1869. The railroad, built by three private companies, was originally called the Pacific Railroad.

The first transcontinental railroad was built by three separate privately owned companies. They were the Union Pacific Railroad Company, the Central Pacific Railroad Company, and the Western Pacific Railroad Company. The date it was first opened for through traffic was May 10, 1869.

Telegraph lines were also built for transcontinental communication in the Pacific Railroad Act.

chinese built it to cross the people to the other side of california

The Central Pacific Railroad was first built in Sacramento, California. The Central Pacific Railroad is the former name of the railroad network that formed part of the First Transcontinental Railroad.

The transcontinental railroad was built as a faster, safer means of travel between California and the states east of the Mississippi. When it was built, there were many more people moving west than east.

It was started in 1850 and was finished May 10, 1869

The Union Pacific and Central Pacific

No, the Trans-Continental Railroad was built primarily by Chinese immigrants and African-Americans.

The Native Americans were adversely affected by the transcontinental railroad. The railroad created an influx of people that killed off the buffalo and created a food shortage for the Native Americans.

There were 2 companies. The Central Pacific built the west side. The Union Pacific built the east side.

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