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Alice because she had a vision that Bella was going to be cornered by some strangers so Edward was looking all over Port Angeles. Then Edward found Jessica and read her mind and found out that Bella was going to go to a book store and found her in an opening around an alley with 4 or 5 men surrounding her and saved her. Hope this helps. :D

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What food did Bella order in Port angeles?

After Edward saves Bella from those strangers, they went to a restaurant called La Bella Italia which is in real life is a real restaurant but in real life it's called Bella Italia. In Port Angeles They go in and Bella is served mushroom ravioli and the waitress is dazled by Edwards god like face. Hope this helps. :D

What is the name of the resturaunt edward takes Bella to?

It is called 'La Bella Italia'. It's in Port Angeles in the book.

In New Moon where was Bella when she first heard Edwards voice?

She was in Port Angeles with Jess, walking across the street to a group of strangers out side a bar called "One Eyed Pete's". Bella thought she knew one of the guys from her last trip to Port Angeles when she was nearly attacked and Edward saved her.

What was the restaurant's name that Bella and Edward went to in twilight?

the restaurant in twilight where Bella and edward were is called 'La Bella Italia' and actually exists in Port Angeles. they even added 'Bella's Mushroom Ravioli' to the menu for $17. :)

What is it called when JAcob is in love with Bella?

its called TRUE LOVE :) unlike Edward & bella

Can Edward and Bella have children?

Yes, Bella and Edward can and do have children-a daughter called Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.

What is the name of the song edward played for Bella?

the song edward plays for Bella is called "Bella's lullaby"

Who did Bella go to Port Angeles with?

She went with Angela and Jessica and leaves with Edward

Where can you find Edward and Bella wallpaper?

You can find great Edward and Bella wallpaper online at a site called Fanpop

What song is in the background when Bella and Edward have dinner in Port Angeles?

The song is called "Never Think", and it is actually written and sung by Robert Pattinson himself, the guy who plays Edward in the movies.

Do Bella and edward have more than 1 kid?

In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward have one child, called Renesme.

How do you say Bella goes out with a vampire called edward in french?

Bella sort avec un vampire appelé Edward

When did Bella ask Edward if he was a vampire?

In the very first book in the Twilight saga, Twilight, Edward tells Bella that he is a vampire in the chapter "Theory," after Edward saves her from the thugs that try to kidnap her. He reveals this to her in the restaurant in Port Angeles.

What type of restaurant does Edward take Bella to?

an Italian restauraunt called Bella italia

Does Bella have a baby and if so with who?

yes, Bella has a baby with Edward. its a girl called renesmee

In the twilight movie when do they play never think?

they play it when edward and Bella are in the restraunt at port angeles (:

Twilight who did Bella go to port Angeles with?

jessica and Angela then edward shows up later

How does Bella bruise edward by having it?

Bella doesn't bruise Edward, Edward bruises Bella.

Does Bella and edward have kids?

In the 4th book Breaking dawn Edward and Bella have a daughter called Renesmee who is half human half vampire.

How did Bella know it was Edward in the alley?

Edward wasnt with Bella in the alley. Edward was always kind of stalking her so to speak haha. There was a couple of, if i must say, pervs, following her in Port Angeles... and when Edward 'heard' what they were thinking he rushed into the scene and 'saves' Bella. This isn't very vivid.. but i think it answers your question though.

Does Edward and Bella have a boy?

Bella and Edward have a daughter.

What is the name of the restaurant that Edward takes Bella to in Port Angeles?

It's La Bella Italia Just like Bella's name. I hope I helped!

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