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A police officer

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Q: Who can carry a gun on a school bus?
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Can you carry a gun in a school?

The laws on this vary by state.

What is the gross vehicle weight for a 71 passenger school bus?

The gross vehicle weight for a 71 passenger school bus is 29,800lbs. The 71 passenger school bus can carry up to 48 students.

Who invented the first school bus?

in 1827 by George Shillibeer invented the school bus for a quaker school at abneg park in stoke newington, london, uk desinged to carry 25 children.

Can i legally carry a gun to drop off daughter at school?

need state to see if it's open carry

800 students are going on a school trip by bus .Each bus can carry 34 students. Workout the smallest number of buses needed to carry all the students?


Did Michael Jackson carry a gun?

No, Michael did not carry a gun.

Can you carry a gun into the parking lot of a private school?

It depends on what kind of school. See the related link for more information.

Can you carry a gun?

In most U.S. states, you can carry a gun. Most states require a permit to carry a gun, a few don't, and in two states, you cannot legally carry a gun.

Can I carry a gun inside a school if i have a CCW permit in mo?

Generally, no, especially not for K-12.

Can you bus with a long gun?


Is it 'schoolbus' or 'school bus'?

school bus

How can you carry a gun legally in California?

It is legal to carry a gun in state of California as long as it is exposed and unloaded. Now you can not carry it in places as Followed: School Zone - 1000 feet from a school Ground Post Office Federal or State building You can go to and find out more information on this question also.

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