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Who can declare a national emergency and send troops to war?


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It is the presidents primary job as head of the US Military to do these things. The office was created so that we as a country can make a swift response to such emergencies. The president has a limited budget in order to fund such actions and executive orders. It is the responsibility of congress then to decide weather or not to continue to back the president lead and officially "Declare war" or to recall the troops. The president can not use the military forces on US soil against Americans. In New Orleans, the military was used to assist in aid and rescue efforts only and could not be used as a force to restore order even to the point of having to retreat when fired on by civilians and let the state militia and local police deal with those situations.

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The president can only send troops out for 60 days without Congress approval, then Congress has to agree and declare war.

No, Congress can only declare war, but the president can send troops.

1. amount of troops 2. Only Congress can declare war, the president can send a limited amount of troops to fight (conflict)

Yes. They both have to vote on it and have a two-thirds majority. The president does not actually have the power to declare war. He can only send troops places.

While the president is able to send troops anywhere in the world, he or she cannot declare war. Only Congress is able to declare war and make the necessary appropriations.

Canada Did not send troops to Vietnam.

Hitler did not send troops to the future.

The Constitution delegates the authority to declare war to Congress. The War Powers Resolution gave the President the authority to send a limited number of troops into battle for a limited time.

No, he can't officially declare war, but he can send troops in to "Help stop the conflict". Only congress has the power to officially declare war.

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Only Congress, according to the Constitution, has the power to declare war. Under the War Powers Act the president can send troops into battle, but then he must inform Congress, within 90 days, of his action and get their approval. Presidents usually use the Commander-in-Chief power (Article II, Section 2) in the Constitution as authority to send troops into a fighting situation.

Under the constitution the president cannot declare war, but only congress.

Never according to our constitution. A Governor can mobilize his state's militia or National Guard units.

Any country with an army or militia will send there troops into a conflict or war.

When there is a crisis and we need the troops' help.

Kennedy was the first president to send troops to Vietnam (others before him sent advisors, but not troops), Johnson escalated the number of troops... Nixon got us out of Vietnam.

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The president can only send troops out for 60 days without Congress approval, then Congress has to agree and declare war or extend his time.

The American victory at Saratoga caused France to recognize the United States as a nation, declare itself an ally, and send troops, funds, and munitions to aid the American cause.

The U.S. wanted to defeat the communist troops who were there.

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