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Who can help me 97 ford escort lx piston 1 no spark?

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I would check the ignition module located immediately to the right of your valve cover. A friend of mine has a Chevy Corsica that had the ignition control module or coil go bad and his car ran terrible. Ford stopped using distributors in Ford Escorts and their other 4 cylinder cars, because

the TFI module on the distributor were notorious for going bad.

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Need 2001 Ford Escort Zx2 Serpentine Belt Routing Diagram, Can You Help?free

How do you replace a taillight on a Ford Escort?

To help answer your question, give the year of the car, and model. eg. Wagon, Hatchback, 2dr 4dr... and i will give you an answer :P 1997 Ford Escort 4dr

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A diagram for a?æ 1994 Ford Escort is beneficial for those who want to make repairs on their cars. The diagram can help mechanics so they become familiar with the location of the parts for the car.

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A Ford Escort MK1 can be purchased from many car dealers that have the car for sale. Websites such as Car Dealers and Auto Traders will help people find dealers that have this car.

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It would help if you gave the year of Escort you want information about. Most jacks are under the carpet in the trunk located in the wheel well.

How hard is it to change your the headlight switch in a 1988 ford Escort?

it is not that hard you can get a book online if you need help

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i have a 1988 ford ranger xlt 4 cylinder and my spark size is 42-46 hope this will help

What is the biggest engine that will fit into a 1991 ford escort?

Okay- I own a Ford Escort LX, 1994 4-dr, and for all my problems, and help I use this forum site called (ford escort owners association), look under "engine swap" and either look for the biggest engine, or post your own topic. It's an amazing site,

1993 Ford Escort location of blower motor resistor?

I have 1993 ford escort 1.9 , heater fan not working, new fan motor is good, checked fuses, they seem ok, is there a relay and where is it, Thanks for any help you can offer

What would make the number one piston missfire?

Year, make, model and engine size would help, but a bad spark plug, spark plug wire or fuel injector are a few possibilities.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2?

you can go to your local autoparts store and they can help you replace the light

How do you set the bottom crank on a 98 ford escort ZX2?

Go to in the knowledge base section there is a timing how to that will help...

HELP on changing spark plugs to a 1997 ford expedition?

I don't mind helping, but you will have to bring it to my place, I'm not driving to you just to help.........

Where can you find a serpentine belt diagram for a 1994 Ford Escort 1.9 liter engine?

Serpentine belt diagrams for the 1994 Ford Escort 1.9 liter can be found on AutoZone under the Repair Help section. It also gives step-by-step instructions on how to change the belt.

How do you change spark plugs for a Ford Explorer 4x4?

how difficult is it to change spark plugs on a 2002 ford explorer. It is a 4x4 and has the initials on it xtl or something like that. Can you please help me cause they are trying to charge me an arm and leg to have it done.

1983 ford bronco wont get spark from the coil any help please?

check the ignition control module.

How do you route a serpentine belt for a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?

This should help just fine

How do you change a crank censor on a Ford Escort?

Why the crank sensor? do you know for sure that's what is wrong? What are your symptoms? I cant recall exactly the configuratiion on the escort. Are you mechanical at all? what year is it? I can help if I have more info! hit me back on this.

What are the timing specs for a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?

this was the biggest help to me hope it helps :o)

What is the valve tappet clearances on a ford escort 1.8 d 1993 thanks if any one can help me .?

Intake .010 to .024 Exhaust .012 to .026

Where is the tranmisson drain plug on a 1998 ford escort se?

yeh would help but i dont thank there is one u will have to take off the entire pan

My 1992 Ford E 350 will not start.?

What is your question? What does it do? does it turn over? Does it have spark? Is it getting gas? We can help but we need you to be more specific.

99 ford escort ZX2 idles hard while in drive but calm in neutral Auto Zone gets a system error when checking it Have any ideas?

ran in to same problem with 93 escort. went to ford escort owners association ( my problem turned out to be a vacuum leak. the forums will help narrow down problem. there is also a way to check and find out error codes on the site.

How do you change the head gasket on a 1994 ford escort LX 1.9L SEFI?

I have a 1994 ford escort 1.9L engine...It was running fine until it got 32 degress cold out.It will crank but will not turn over. This has happen twice before once it got 57 degree are better it turns over.Please help!

1995 ford escort serpentine belt routing?

I cant help you with a 1995, but when I was looking for a 1994 routing, I found a 1998 diagram of the escort serpentine belt. I found it on under auto repair. There is the link. Good Luck. Hope this can help!!!