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Guyana, Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and tabago, Belize and alot more.

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What is Latin America?

Latin America are the Spanish, Portuguese and French speaking countries of the Western Hemisphere.

In latin America and Anglo- America not everyone has the same heritage name an exception for both of them?

Language. While Anglo-America is overly English-speaking, most countries in Latin America speak either Spanish or Portuguese.

What spanish-speaking country is not in Latin America?

Spain. Spain is in Europe. It is the "mother country" for all Spanish speaking Latin countries.

What is the only country in the new world that is in Latin America. That is the only country in Latin America where people don't speak Spanish. What is the language?

Actually, there are two of them:Haiti - FrenchBrazil - PortugueseAnd some other Dutch and English-speaking countries that are aoften associated with Latin America, such as:Suriname - DutchGuyana - EnglishThe Bahamas - EnglishJamaica - EnglishGrenada - English

Is Jamaica a Latin American country?

Jamaica is an English speaking country so it is not considered Latin America.

What is the language spoken in Latin America?

the term "Latin America" refers only to the spanish speaking countries of North, South, and Central America. So the answer is Spanish.

Which continent has the greast number of spanish speaking countries?

Latin America or Mexico and Central America, South America, and the Carribean Islands.

How are Latin America and Canada alike?

Both are in the Americas and are former colonies of European nations. Besides that, there is not much in common: Canada is a country while Latin America is a region comprised of Mexico and most countries found in Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Canada is English-speaking while Latin America is a mix of countries with Spanish, Portuguese and French as main languages. Canada is a developed country, while Latin America is conformed by developing countries and four 'emerging markets' (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile).

Why do most of the English-speaking countries in Latin America are a parliamentary democracy?

Because most of them are still being colonies of Great Britain (the named parliamentary democracy).

The Americans are sometimes divided into two broad regions Anglo-America and latin America Canada and the US make up Anglo-America Which areas form latin America?

The Latin American countries are Spanish speaking and include Mexico and countries south of Mexico.

Is Latin America and Peru the same?

Latin America and Peru are not exactly the same thing. Peru is part of the larger geographic area known as Latin America, which encompasses all Spanish speaking countries in the American continent.

What parts of Latin America are not Spanish speaking?

In Brazil they speak Portuguese. In Belize and Guyana they speak English. There are also many Indian languages spoken in Latin America.

What languages were spoken in Pompeii?

Pompeii was a Latin speaking city.

Which land region connects nourth America and south America?

The region is conventionally called Central America, even though it is still part of North America. Latin America is conventionally considered Mexico and all Central and South American countries south of Mexico. Some countries, such as Belize speak English. Brazil speaks Portuguese, but that is in a broad sense considered a Latin language, even though by "Latin" is usually meant Spanish -speaking.

How many countries are in Latin America?

There are 21 countries, that make up Latin America.

What does haspanic mean?

"Hispanic" means of or relating to Spain or to Spanish-speaking countries, esp. those of Latin America.

Why is Puerto Rico called Latin America?

Puerto Rico is considered part of Latin America because it is a Spanish speaking country. Latin America are the countries whose language are from the Romance languages, Latin, Italian, French, and Spanish are all considered Romance languages.

Why do Mexicans and other spanish speaking countries in south America refer to themselves as Latin when there not even of Spain where Latin is white?

They are known as Latin America because their languages are derived from Latin; these include Spanish, French and Portuguese. It has nothing to do with ethnicity.

Why is Mexico part of North America and Latin America?

This confusion happens because Mexico it is part of both:Geographically, Mexico is located at the southern tip of the North American continent - not to confuse with America or North America, as the United States of America (USA) is often called.Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, Panama, Haiti, Argentina or Brazil are by definition countries which were former colonies of Spain, Portugal and France. Those three countries have their languages originated from ancient Latin hence the name 'Latin America'. Conversely, Canada and the US are English-speaking nations ans so are usually known as 'Anglo-America'.

How many Spanish-speaking countries are there in Latin America?

There are 20 Spanish speaking countries in Latin America. That's Mexico, Puerto Rico (Even though it is a U.S. territory), Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Belize (Even though they speak more English than Spanish it is still considered a Spanish-speaking country), El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uraguay, and Argentina

How many zeros are there in a trillion?

In countries that use the "short scale" for naming integer multiples of ten, there are 12 zeros in a trillion. In countries that use the "long scale" there are 18 zeros in a trillion. The long scale is used in much of continental Europe and Latin America. The short scale is use by most English-speaking and Arabic-speaking countries.

What happens to countries that don't speak Spanish in Latin America?

Sometimes they are considered to be part of Latin America, but it is not always the case. Some of them include Suriname (Dutch) or Jamaica (English).

Why are foreign countries building factories in Latin America?

Why are factories being built in latin America by foreign countries.

Latin American country that divides the American continent in two?

Although geometrically the equatorial line of the planet would give Ecuador that distinction, geographically it would be Panama through the canal, dividing and isolating both Central And North America from South America. Culturally speaking, it would be Mexico, dividing the English speaking countries from the spanish speaking ones.

All spanish speaking countries and their capitals in latin America?

Yes, i am wondering why any dumbos would ask such a stupid question.....