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To post on a blog you have to have Author permissions to access the management panel. Some blogs support multiple authors.

Most blogs offer a comments section where anyone can post a comment. Some blogs require users to sign-up first to be able to comment.


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Each post/article on a blog is called a blog entry.

There are different blog and RSS applications you can use. You can also post notes.

People can only read your blog and post comments on it. They cannot make a new post or edit an already existing post on your blog. However, having a multiple-user blog will allow different users to access the same blog and its contents. This has to be enabled at the time of creating a blog and the users who have been registered to access the contents alone will be able to make posts on the blog.

you go to there blog and you can post on there blog so you can talk to other people on the internet

Usually a blog page includes: Post title Name of post author Post content Comment Post tag/categories Many blogs have different widgets on the sidebars of the blog.

Blog entry is also known as blog post in which described informative information regarding one topic either it is based on the any topic. The body of the blog post is also known as a blog entry.

below each article / post in a blog, you will find a comment box. you can add your comment there. If you don't find such a box then probably the commenting feature has been disabled for that post / blog.

Most blogging platforms offer a built in mechanism to comment on the bottom of each blog post. The blogger can choose to prevent the option to comment on a specific blog post or on all blog posts on his blog. In that case you won't be able to post a comment publicly on that page.

How to Write a Blog Post, Step 1: PlanningChoose a Topic That Interests YOUWrite an Outline For Your PostDo Your ResearchCheck Your FactsHow to Write a Blog Post, Step 2: HeadlinesHow to Write a Blog Post, Step 3: The Writing PartHow to Write a Blog Post, Step 4: Using Images EffectivelyHow to Write a Blog Post, Step 5: The Editing PartHope these steps will help you write your best blogs

The end, or wrap-up of a blog post/update

A vlog is a video blog, or a blog in which one submits a video of themselves saying what they would normally post in their blog.

there is no fast way to get followers on a blog. you need to be patient with ur blog. post interesting things that people will want to read, interact with other people's blog, post comments. That way people will start noticing your blog.

Post your blog and trade links with others. But you cannot post your blog anywhere on WikiAnswers except for your Bio Page. You cannot list your e-mail, blog, or website on any answer page or Discussion page.

One can usually find an old blog post on a blog website by accessing the blog's archive. Most blogs will have their archives on the side of a page for easy access.

Yes, i can if i have admin rights for that blog back end.

If you make what is a live blog, then that is called a vlog (Shortened from Video-Blog)

Generally an employee in marketing or public relations maintains the company blog. It's also nice for executives to post on the blog every now and then to show transparency.

Beside the blog click 'view all' Click the blog you want. The title in blue writing Scroll to the bottom of the blog On the right click 'post a comment' Write and save your comment as normal

Under the blog post section go to the comment area. There you will see the form details fill it up as required and post your comment.

Regularly I posted one blog in my blogspot site.Everyday if you post one unique blog in your site then its must be valuable.because content is the king for promoting a blog or website.

It usually means that the author wants that post to stay at the top of the page (even when other posts are posted after it) so that any visitors to the blog will see that post first.

Use the RuneScape forums, and post/update you blog in the 'general' section.

By using tags. For example you can post pictures of yourself under that tag "me", "self" or "gpoy" and then link the tagged/x page on your blog so that people see only those pictures.

I assume you want to shorten a blog post in your own WordPress file. If that's the case, you simply log-in to your dashboard, go to posts and edit the page or post you want to shorten.

If you are referring to WordPress, blog contributors can only submit/save post but cannot publish it on their own (i.e. it won't be visible to visitors); the post must be examined first by an editor or administrator. Authors, on the other hand, can publish a post on their own.

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