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Who can take you income tax?


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January 25, 2008 6:28PM

The IRS is a subcontractor of the bankrupted US government. Whereby, all world countries have been bankrupted since the Geneva Convention of 1930 (see minutes). The way to answer the IRS having been sent a pay order or dealing with your issue simply is by making a memo stating "I do no honour the above presentment under the Uniform Commercial code (UCc) 1- 207/308". The IRS will send an apology letter back in six months (they are slow) and put you on a non-taxpayer list. The UCc is international law having superseded all international constitutions and laws (state laws included) since 1939 with Tompkins v. Erie Railroad.

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I just love the above. It's just so funny.

But it is absolutely wrong in every regard (not just grammar, spelling, definition and content)'s not really worthy of addressing. Of course as almost any action stated is not just dumb, but illegal, it has a dark side to the humor. Except maybe for the non-payers list...there probably is a list with a name something like that keeping track of the people that are being prosecuted and whose assets are attached. Your question though is different to that rant. Generally, income tax refunds can be attached like any other asset. View it as simply payroll you had on deposit with your account at the government. You deposited too much there, and it's coming back. You could have deposited less, it actually was your option (whether that would have been by having a different amount withheld from your paycheck, or making smaller estimated quarterly payments, which people who aren't employees must make instead of withholding doing it for them, is unimportant).