Who can you really trust?


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You can't trust just who you would like. You can trust your mother or a best friend. But do not trust your secrets more that 1 friend and that friend must be your true best friend. Think before you tell your secrets !

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You should only trust someone if you really know who they are.And you should trust them because you really know who they are

if your really close it affects it if your not it doesn't really and it depends on what trust too.

well really my opinion is you cant really trust no one but you're self but if you trust this person before then you know you can trust and if your asking if you can trust someone you got to remember that you didnt lose the trust its the other persons lost because apparently they did something for you to not trust them no really you have to wait for the other person to gain back the is like a can fix it if its broken but, you will ALWAYS see the crack in the reflection.

Its really not a relationship if there is no trust. That is a relationship based on lies

Well if you and him really love each other and you should trust him and if he really loves you he would not cheat on you

well without trust you really cant have a relationship. and if she does love you she would trust you withanything and everything no matter what

Show her you trust and respect her that's the main thing TRUST

Yes you can trust for it's really safe and good.

You really shouldn't because Alaska is not very trust worthy

yoghurt really i nkow it does trust me

You cant really do anything, it is up to the person who has lost trust in you to start trusting you again.

you get recomend yourself once and get a free trust point. Otherwise you have to have really good answers.

You will just know. Trust me man, trust me. I've had much experience.

crows don't really trust humans but they will if you be nice and give them food. the will trust you then :D

The only way to gain trust is to show that you really want what's best for her. Don't pressure her, then she'll never trust you.

wait till she needs something. then do it really well. if she says she doesn't trust you persuay her to let you do it.

You Need trust to be in a relationship. he should understand where you are comming from when you say you dont trust him with or without girls in the pictures. he should ask what can he do to get his trust back. and whatever you come up with for him to do to get his trust back he should do it if he really loves you and cares about you and cares about how you feel

if you want him to trust you tell him somthing you wouldn't even tell your best friend

You have to prove to her that you won't do anything to hurt her. Show her that you really care about her, gain her trust

If you really trust them and know them then I think you can trust them to look after your pet.

It starts to smell and taste really really bad when you drink it and trust me it is GROSS!

if a guy is that rude to you you know what to do but if you really like this person have a really long talk with him and tell him that you should be bad at him but if your to nice to do that ask him why he doesn't trust you and get to tell you the answer and if he doesn't want to he doesn't care about any of your feeling a man is supposed to put your feeling first. Dose he really like you?

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