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What kind of device will improve my speaker sound?

Rather than using a USB sound card which can be awkward, I suggest that you go to Windows Help to try and sort out the problem as it is usually a software issue that is causing the distorted sound.

What does your computer's sound card do?

Your computer's sound card controls the sound coming out of your speakers. When your sound card is damaged, your sound will be distorted.

How can people observe the Doppler effect?

For example when firemen car passes around them. The sound is distorted according to distance in which the car is.

Does the temperature or humidity affect my speakers' sound quality?

It can sometimes cause the speakers to sound distorted if wiring malfunctions

What happens when sound is traveling through a liquid?

It slows down an becomes distorted.

What are the six basic parts of computer?

CPU, Hard Drive, power unit, CDRom, RAM,vidio card, sound card,

What Steven Spielberg thriller was the first film to use digital surround sound played from a cdrom synchronized to the film?

The DTS sound format was first used in Jurassic Park in 1993.

How guitar sound gets distorted?

Distortion Comes from blasting the guitar to extreme levels, and taking that sound and playing it normal volume.

What happens when sound travels through material?

it is depending upon the material. generally the material have meet some nano vibrations in it. and the frequency of the sound get distorted

Does EMG make good pickups?

EMG pickups are good if you want a heavy and fat, distorted sound.

Is 'The Scream' an abstract painting?

No, it is not. You cannot see the sound of the scream, but there are several things in the painting you can recognize, even if distorted. Distorted is not abstract. An abstract painting har no regognizable subject or details.

How can you describe the sound of the man's watch in this section?

He's very nervous and his senses are being distorted by anxiety and fear.

How do you fix my sound problem?


Can you use a new sub with a used one?

Yes, but if they're not approximately the same quality, sound will be distorted if in the same box.

What was the reason for making the electric guitar?

to amplify the sound of the acustic guitar. Then they started to make higher out put pickups to get sort of a distorted sound bc there was no high gain amps at the time.

How does does the Doppler effect relate to a passing siren?

Sound is a wave; the sound wave is distorted by the Doppler effect. You can clearly hear the change in pitch, from the point where the car approaches you, to the point where it moves away from you.

What does disortion mean?

1. an act or instance of distorting. 2. the state of being distorted or the relative degree or amount by which something is distorted or distorts. 3. anything that is distorted, as a sound, image, fact, etc. 4. Optics. an aberration of a lens or system of lenses in which the magnification of the object varies with the lateral distance from the axis of the lens. I personally find the last to be most helpful

Does problem have a short or long vowel sound?

The word "problem" has a short O vowel sound (aah) and an unstressed E, or schwa (uh).

Why is the sound in avi files distorted as if the movie is playing too slowly This happens only in a specific computer the same file is ok on other computers?

If the same file is ok on other computers, the problem computer probably needs more RAM or bigger graphics card or drivers.

How can sound travel through sound?

it are vibrations so they can cross each other with no problem

Why does sound on your computer sound distorted?

It could be for numerous reasons. The quality of the recording might be bad. Your speakers might not have enough power to play it as loud as you want. The speaker cones might be damaged. Many possible answers

Can someone help with distorted sound on dell?

I have a Dell but have never had this problem. It's possible that your drivers need updating, if you head to the dell website, find your computer model it should also show any drivers needed. Failing that I can only say to check your volume or your soundcard may be broken.

When a sound speaker comes too close to a color tube television the color of the television becomes distorted?

The magnetic field from the speaker is interrupting the flow of electrons.

What are the best settings to use for a good distortion sound?

That's a question that has numerous answers to. but just remember this, what you put into music should only sound good to you. nothing else. YOU and only YOU can decide what is best of a good distorted sound, no one else can. Once you understand that, you have found your answer!

How do you hook up subwoofers to an stock radio?

there are ways to do this, but i dont recommend it. this can cause sound to be distorted and also could blow fuses or cause other electric damages.

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