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The Iraqis purposely spilled millions of gallons of oil from Kuwait into the gulf as they were to be attacked.

It was an act of defiance and was also hoped to slow down the advance of American troops.

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Q: Who caused the gulf war oil spill?
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When did Gulf War oil spill happen?

Gulf War oil spill happened in 1991.

Where did the gulf war oil spill happen?

The gulf war oil spill occurred in the country of Kuwait.

When did the gulf war oil spill occur?

The Gulf War oil spill occurred on January 23, 1991, and was the largest oil spill to date. It was the largest purposely created oil spill in history.

Where did the gulf oil spill occur?

The BP oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf War oil spill occurred in the Persian Gulf in Kuwait.

How much oil was spilt in the Gulf Oil Spill?

This could refer to any of:Gulf War Oil SpillBP Deepwater Horizon Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill 20101979 Ixtoc I Gulf of Mexico oil spill.See related questions.

When did the oil spill in the gulf happen?

This may refer to:Any of the Gulf of Mexico Oil spillsThe Gulf War oil spill.Any of the Persian Gulf oil spills.See related questions.

What was the name of the oil spill near Iraq?

Gulf War Oil Spill resulted from the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and is regarded as the second largest oil spill in history.

What is the oil spill in the gulf?

There was recently a giant oil spill--an oil pumping station basically exploded, causing the largest oil spill in recorded history, as most other oil spills--if not all--have been tankers. This was a whole station.Other possible answers include:The Ixtoc I oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 1979Other Gulf of Mexico oil spillsPersian Gulf oil spills, possibly including the Gulf War oil spillOil spills in gulfs off of China.

What year was the worst oil spill in?

Gulf War oil spill: 1,360,000-1,500,000 tonsThe worst oil spill in history, the Gulf War oil spill spewed an estimated 8 million barrels of oil into the Persian Gulf after Iraqi forces opened valves of oil wells and pipelines as they retreated from Kuwait in 1991. The oil slick reached a maximum size of 101 miles by 42 miles and was five inches thick.

How was the fluid leaked in gulf war oil spill?

I man took a huge leak

How much oil spilled into the Persian gulf during the gulf war?

The Gulf War oil spill was the largest purposely made oil spill in history. It was the third largest oil spill in history spilling approximately:270,000-820,000 tonnes2 million - 6 million barrels84 million - 250 million gallons OR320 million - 950 million litresof oil into the Gulf.Which gulf war?1. Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988)2. Operation Desert Storm (Jan/Feb 1991)3. Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003- )Which gulf war? There were at least three of them.

How the gulf war oil spill was cleaned up?

American forces managed using smart bombs to seal the open oil pipelines