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Congressmen are elected by the citizens of the states they represent.

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Q: Who chooses a congressman?
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How do you properly address a congressman?

You address a Congressman as: Congressman Doe. Always use the last name of the Congressman.

What do you call a congressman?

You call it a congressman.

Congressman of the Philippines?

congressman of the Philippines

Which is powerful congressman or governor?


Who is the congressman in bataan?

Congressman abet garcia.

How many congressman does arizona have?

3 Congressman.

New York congressman?

new york congressman

Who are the congressman of quezon province?

who are the congressman of quezon provience?*????

What is an incumbent Congressman?

A congressman who was already in office and was reelected.

How are the congressman responsible for their action?

how are they responsible for their actions as a congressman?

Was Richard fulton a senator or a congressman for Tennessee?


Who is your congressman for zip code 80403?

Congressman John Salazar

Who is the congressman of new yok?

Congressman Charles B. Rangel

Is George Washington a congressman?

George Washington was never a Congressman

Who are the 250 congressman in the Philippines?

250 congressman of the philippines 2012

What do you call a former congressman?

You call them Congressman or Congresswomen or the Honorable... from...

What is the criminimal record of US congressman?

You forgot to say which congressman.

What is the plural form of congressman?

The plural form of congressman is congressmen.

Was Ronald Reagan a congressman?

No. Ronald Reagan was never a congressman

How do you greet a Congressman?

If you meet a Congressman, you should use their title and name. For instance, you would say Hello, Congressman/woman Wilson.

What are the responsibilities of a congressman?

A congressman has to read and evaluate bills then vote on them. The Congressman also has to listen to his constituents and take their petitions up to Washington.

How do you say chooses in spanish?

he/she chooses = elige

How much is the salary of congressman and senators in Philippine?

174,000 for congressman in U.S

Who are the congressman of Quezon City?

Congressman Jonah Abugan, District II

Who is the congressman in the 3RD district of laguna?

Congressman Lemuel B. Estrada