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Who chooses members of the Electoral College?

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Members of political parties from the state delegate.

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How many electoral college members are there?

There are 538 Electoral College members.

Who chooses the vice president if the electoral college can't?

If the electoral college were to result in a tie, the United States Senate would be responsible for picking the Vice President. There are 100 members of the U.S. Senate.

Who chooses members of the Electoral College in virginia?

In 2016 the Democratic and Republicans electors in Virginia were selected at state party conventions.

How are electoral college votes determined?

The House chooses a President from among the top three candidates in the electoral college.

How many members are in an electoral college in Illinois?

Illinois has 21 Electoral College votes.

What is the role of the electoral college in presidential elections?

The electoral college elects the President. When the people vote for president they are actually electing the members of the electoral college.

Why was this process changed by the Twelfth Amendment?

Changed the process whereby the Electoral College, and if necessary the House of Representatives, chooses the President. It did not change the composition of the Electoral College

Who chooses vice president if electoral college fails?

In the event of a tie, the US House of Representatives chooses the Vice President. The Senate chooses the President in such a situation.

Who determines who goes to the Electoral College?

Each party chooses a slate of loyal party members to be its electors When the people vote for President, they are actually voting for one of these slates of electors.

What was the Executive Branch Electoral college about?

the executive branch electoral college is about how we don't get to vote we actually vote for the members of the electoral college that the with the help of our votes they can decide on a president for this country.

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