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Who coined the phrase Have a good day?


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2008-05-26 07:38:16
2008-05-26 07:38:16

My cousin Alfred used to sell T-shirts with that yellow faced smiley guy that said "Have a good day.", but he never even thought of coins. He might have made a fortune with that. Or how about collector's plates, or stamps?


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Maxwell House coined the phrase good to the last drop. This is considered one of the top 100 marketing campaigns of all time.

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John McConnell in 1969.

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To say someone coined a phrase means that he or she first used it or is otherwise credited with its origin. Writer Francis Brett Young coined that particular phrase in 1940.

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A coined expression is a phrase that is very popular or one that is used often. A coined expression can also be a new phrase or an existing phrase or word that is used in a new sense.

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